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Ross Campbell brings back glamour and glitter with Jem art

Art by Ross Campbell

As if reviving and redesigning Rob Liefeld’s Glory wasn’t enough, artist Ross Campbell is taking on another redesign project, but for fun this time. Over the past few weeks, Campbell has been posting illustrative headshots reworking the characters of the 1980s cartoon show Jem & The Holograms. Take a look:

Believe me, I’m just as gobsmacked as you are about how perfect these are. Heck, Ross even made Rio’s purple hair believable and, dare I say it, enviable.

Truly, truly outrageous.



It remembers me of a brazillian comic called “Beijo Adolescente” (Teenage Kiss), by Rafael Coutinho, but with a extra bucket of pink ink.

Damn, you beat me to it!! First thing I thought of when I saw this????

….Truly outrageous.

LMAO!!! :)

when jem and the holograms go total punk. interesting would love to see his take on the misfits and synergy too

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