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Sales of DC’s New 52 titles slip just 6% in second month

In a month when half the books ordered by direct market retailers were from DC Comics, sales of October’s New 52 titles declined just 6 percent from those of the September debuts, a figure notes is less than half the typical decay between first and second issues.

As Comic Book Resources reported on Friday, DC claimed 42.47 percent of the market in dollars and 50.97 percent in united sold in October and dominated Diamond Comic Distributors’ Top 20 with 17 spots. According to newly released estimates from ICv2, the top six DC titles broke the 100,000-copy mark, led by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League #2 with about 180,700.

Sales of 14 New 52 titles saw gains from their first issues, with Animal Man boasting a 14-percent jump, followed by Batman and Swamp Thing with 7 percent each. Superman and Blackhawks, however, saw 26-percent drops. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the two DC relaunches that attracted controversy, Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws, saw 6-percent jumps.

Just one Marvel title sold more than 100,000 copies: Incredible Hulk #1, by Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri, with about 106,470. Wolverine and the X-Men #1 and Fear Itself #7 each hovered above 95,000.

It’s probably also worth pointing out the sheer number of DC reorders that appear high on October’s Top 300, led by Aquaman #1 in the 88th spot with more than 28,000 copies (pushing total sales of the first issue past 100,000 copies). That’s more than the orders for new issues of Marvel’s Hulk, Deadpool, Punisher and Thunderbolts.

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Probably because the retailers under-ordered the first month.

Well, I guess the next month will show if that is the case or not.

Yeah right. And what will be the naysayers excuse for the continued success of the “52” in January or March? Hmmm? Wait, let me guess, the speculators like the cold winter weather right? So there will be more of them in the winter than in the fall. I’m sure those who derided DC’s 52 ad nauseum will continue to pull excuses out of their ass (where I might add their heads currently are) as to why this is all obviously a disaster, a failure, as opposed to what it actually is; a clear success not just for DC but, based on available reports, for the industry as a whole. And all of this during the worst economy in decades. Just face the facts haters. DC made you look even more idiotic than the critics of Batgirl, Red Hood and Catwoman. No easy trick.

How many covers did Incredible Hulk have to make 106k? I’m betting that unlike alot of the DC titles it will drop about 40% and end up on about 60k by issue 2.

I think it had 7 covers. WATX had 4.

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