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Steel to make his New 52 debut in Action Comics #4


DC Comics announced today that John Henry Irons will shine up the Steel suit for his big New 52 appearance in Action Comics #4. Steel will also appear in the first eight-page back-up story in Action written by “Grant Morrison’s hand-picked choice,” Sholly Fisch, and drawn by Brad Walker.

“The lead story in Action #4 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales features the debut of the ‘New 52 Steel!” said Will Moss, associate editor, on The Source blog. “Last we saw of John Henry Irons, in Action #2, he had quit his military job in protest over Lex Luthor torturing Superman under General Lane’s command. Now, as the Terminauts lay siege to Metropolis, it’s time for John Henry to put his money where his mouth is and go help Superman defend the city. The backup in #4 ties into the main story by depicting a critical fight between Steel and the brand new Metall-0!”

Back-up tales are also slated for issues #5, #6 and #7. Issue #5 will feature an eight-page tale by Fisch and ChrisCross, starring Ma and Pa Kent. CrhisCross is also drawing the back-up for issue #6, with Walker returning for issue #7. Issue #8 concludes Action‘s first story arc and won’t have a back-up.

“As a bonus, check out this first look at Steel’s armor by Brad Walker (based off a design by Rags Morales)!” Moss said about the above image. “Much in the same way that Superman is wearing jeans and a T-shirt in this current arc, at this point Steel’s armor is in its ‘prototype’ phase. Look for the final design somewhere down the line, but in the meantime, get ready for one heck of a throwdown!”



I hope all those cables are gone in the final version.

This is not entirely news, as the backup for issue 4 was mentioned in the solicitations for next month’s comics from day one.

Not sure what to expect. Fisch’s SuperFriends comic was roundly lambasted month after month by more than one reviewer. But if Morrison hand-picked him, who knows?

Come on, there gotta be less crappy characters than Steel to mine from the 70 years Superman mythos.
I bet he is just so early in Action because he’s black.


November 8, 2011 at 3:28 pm


Crappy? Are you kidding me? He was great in 52 and Morrison’s JLA (if anything, that’s why Morrison included him, because he’s written that character before). And out of the four replacement Supermen from the 90s Steel is arguably the one who lived up to Superman’s ideals the best. He’s always been a consistent Superman supporting character, and probably the most recognizable after the obvious Lois, Jimmy, Superboy and Supergirl. The fact that he’d show up early on in Action or Superman was pretty much a given.

He wasn’t great in JLA. (was he in 52? I dont even remember that – it must have also ‘great’)
In my opinion, not even Morrison knew what to do with him in the JLA. (as it seemed to me he was handed the character instead of choosing him)

So he has all this super duper technology at his disposal and makes himself a tin man suit wielding a large metal hammer? Crappy 90ies character right there.

As Stan Lee was said “There are no bad characters, only bad writers”.
Calling a character “crappy” and feeling that there’s no stories to tell with them is a bit shortsighted.
Fans do this all to often and then when they get stories with the same ol’, same ol’, they bemoan it. They say things have gotten stale. The ” character x is crap” mindset is part of the reason.

If in fact, stories involving Steel up to this point have indeed been “crap”, there’s always the chance that thiis upcoming one won’t.

Dismissing a story based on what era said character debuted or that a company is being PC since it’s a character with a darker tan as opposed to the majority of stories told ( still til this day) just strikes me as needlessly shortsighted.

“He was great in 52 and Morrison’s JLA (if anything, that’s why Morrison included him, because he’s written that character before)”

Completely agree on both counts. Steel was excellent in both of those stories, and it’s probably no coincidence that Morrison has written him before.

And yes, mckracken, Steel was a main character in 52. So was his daughter.

That prototype armour makes Steel look like Cyborg – not a good idea

looks like a dumbed-down version of Cyborg to me.
i find it ironic that Cyborg getting cooler,while Steel getting lamer :(

Brad Walker?!? Yay! Love his art, but he better not be off Thunderbolts!! ;)

your thinking of kev walker I believe

The only problem I have with this is the backups aren’t going to be written by Morrison. Which sucks big time.

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