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Steve Rude art discounted to raise bail following creator’s arrest [Updated]

Courtesy of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Prices of Steve Rude’s artwork have been reduced in an effort to raise money for bail and legal fees following his arrest late Monday in what’s characterized as a dispute with neighbors.

“Steve has had a back and forth with the neighbors for quite some time now that started over their barking dogs,” states a message on Rude’s website titled “Help Bail the Dude Out.” “Last night Steve got hauled in.”

While details are scant, the Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff’s Office lists the Nexus co-creator as being held on charges of assault and failure to comply with a court order.

Rude’s art auctions can be viewed on his website and on eBay.

Update (Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 6:50 a.m. PT): Rude’s wife Jaynelle wrote last night on his Facebook page that he was able to post bail, but that they’re still in need of financial assistance: “Now we have to pay for the legal counsel so he doesn’t end up back doing hard time for trying to keep his sanity. All he wants is to be left alone to create his art, not harassed by people who call the police on our kids because a frisbee ended up in their yard.”



Who had the barking dogs, Steve or the neighbors?


Sheriff Joe Arpaio: against immigration and against good comics.

Anyone who has ever worked with The Dude will pity those neighbors.

…………………………………Seriously, can’t anybody go FIVE years without getting into trouble?

I guess mileage varies, because I met Steve Rude at a convention and he was one of the friendliest people I’ve ever encountered.

So glad to see some comments (not all, thankfully) kicking a fellow, publicly known for suffering from clinical depression, when he’s down. Not saying that depression gives you the right to commit crime. But also I am not quite sure what point you make or what satisfaction is gained from taking shots at him right now.

Yeah right, that’s depression

So it’s ok to commit assault as long as you are suffering from depression? Give me a break.

No, which is why Tim O’Shea said as much in clear terms, but it’s classless to take any degree of public satisfaction from same, doubly so when you’re crouching behind a man-child’s nickname.

A man can be driven to the edge by constantly barking dogs and inconsiderate neighbors. I’ve been there. There’s no escape from them. How can you maintain your sanity, when you can’t even have a quiet moment in your own home?

Steve is a good dude. I would have loved to see Steve on a title at DC for the new 52.

I recall a few years ago Rude was in danger of losing his home, I wonder if this is that same place? Being at war with your neighbors is hell, and that chances are Steve Rude (probably) works at home makes his situation a dozen times worse–especially if he has clinical depression as another poster states.

I feel sorry for Rude’s wife, having to be the ‘face’ of this begining campaign.
Having interacted w/ her, I get the impression she is a very tired woman owing to the family’s troubles.

begining = begging

sad that this whole little tiff Steve is having with the neighbors has wound up where steve is arrested and now has to raise some fast funds for bail and legal help. all because some how without meaning too some neighbors seem to have taken a disliking to the dude. to the point of now legal action is being taken. all both sides really do not need

I actually know Steve’s neighbor. He doesn’t read comics, so he probably won’t respond to these posts with his side of the story. It’s unfortunate that it has come to this and a private matter becomes public. I wish the best for Steve. Hopefully, he can get back on track making beautiful artwork. I feel for Jaynelle. She has been supportive of Steve so he can pursue his art.

Steve should’ve just passed on the bail and stayed in jail, just to “cool off” for a bit and take a break from his neighbors…

I feel sorry for him. I’ve had to live with noisy neighbors, including those with constantly barking dogs, and it’s enough to drive anyone nuts — especially an artist, who needs peace and quiet to do his work. Steve probably should report the neighbor to the SPCA or something, to get the animal taken away! Or do what I read in an old Batman comic: feed the dog a steak laced with poison! That’ll shut the damn thing up!! Also, I really think he should’ve taken some work from Marvel when they offered it to him a little while ago…or tried to revive The Moth with Dark Horse or Image…or ANYTHING — to get some money coming in. Maybe then he could afford to move to a quieter area.

Really? Poisioning the dog is your solution?

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