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Superhero street theater at Occupy Wall Street

Krug Man, possibly the first superhero inspired by a New York Times columnist

No matter how nuanced current superhero comics may be, to the general public they are still fairly simple. Superheroes are the good guys, supervillians are the bad guys, and it’s easy to see who is who. That’s why kids like to dress up as superheroes on Halloween — and why should they have all the fun?

Yesterday the Occupy Wall Street folks staged an event called “Superheroes versus Economic Supervillains,” featuring Gan Golan, creator of The Adventures of Unemployed Man, playing his own superhero. Golan orchestrated the event and created the other characters as well, including working-mom superhero Wonder Mother (at last!), a huge slot machine that stands in for the New York Stock Exchange, and my favorite, Krug Man, a superhero version of Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman. It’s all in good fun, but it’s also publicity for the book. Indeed, Golan’s rich imagination seems to be his most valuable asset; he is working on another book and a possible animated version of The Adventures of Unemployed Man.

Betsy Richards as Wonder Mother (photo by Bryan Derballa/

Gan Golan, left, as Unemployed Man (photo by Bryan Derballa/

Alan Yang as Captain Generica (photo by Bryan Derballa/



Correction: The Adventures of Unemployed Man was co-created by Gan Golan and Erich Origen. You can read and watch several interviews with them at

So money for costumes, what it up with that?

Captain Generica! That is excellent.

so that should be is not it.

That is funny and all – but it also makes the Occupy people look more like crackpots to the outside observer

Yeah, this won’t hurt credibility or anything.

@Keil – Really doubt that the superheroes are going to be the ones that would make anyone think the Occupy participants are any more (or any less) of crackpots. At this point, people are either rabidly for it, virulently against it, or bemoaning that its message/intent is unclear. Superheroes are just sideshow morale boosters for the supporters.

Agreed: Captain Generica is flippin awesome! I would love to see someone take that idea and run with it in a comic book or series of graphic novels.

No more crackpot than having the Muppets, among many other characters, puppets, and reality show cast members ringing the opening bell on the NYSE.

Just when you thought they couldn’t embarrass themselves anymore they put on worst super hero costumes this side of dc reboot.

So where are the super villains of Occupy Wall Street? There should be a super villain for all that have publicly supported or joined the Occupy movement, its kind of like the Legion of Doom. There should be like American Communist Party-Man, the American Nazi Party-Man, Communist China-Man, the Invincible Iran-Man, the Incredible David Duke who when he gets angry transforms into the Grand Wizard of the KKK, Anarchist-Woman, Socialist-Girl, Farrakhan and his Amazing Nation of Islam Friends [who assassinated Malcolm X], former members of the Weather Underground. And like like… ya Stephen Lerner and Lisa Fithian and George Soros and President Obama can be like the stupid puppet masters that are behind it and think they can contain and control these radical elements to advance their Progressive agenda but than the crazy puppets on the streets rise up and their plans blow up in their face, ya they should make it a comic book first and than turn it into a movie!!!

This article, like OWS, =FAIL.

I love how this pretty innocuous article brings all the conservative Tea Baggers out of the woodwork to get their potshots in. None of whom actually belong to the top 1%, and are therefore having their own economic best interests advocated for by the very same people they’re insulting (the irony of which is predictably lost on them). Because the Occupiers have the common sense and the balls to say that in a political republic an economic oligarchy is totally unacceptable. It’s only the sovereignty of the United States of America that permits corporations and banks the opportunity to do business within its borders, not the other way around. And it’s only the consent of its citizens that grants the U.S. its sovereignty. At the end of the day it’s the corporations and banks who work at our pleasure, not the other way around. And the only reason things have gotten this bad is because enough of us are not just unaware of this fact, but conditioned to reject it. Because we’ve been born into this Calvinistic, deterministic, propaganda bondage that’s been purposefully woven in the fabric of America. It states that anyone can make it in America if you work hard enough, and if you don’t it’s your own fault. This is, of course, empirically untrue. So go back to working yourself to the bone for the scraps off the oligarchy’s table, which only exists in the first place thanks to your tacit consent. And masochistically finding nobility in it while you’re at. All the while, the actual patriots will continue thanklessly doing to the work of improving your lot in life.

@Joe C. No thank you Joe, I don’t think we want any more of your kind of “help”, we’ve already seen your kind of “help” for the last 100 years. If by “help”, at best you mean more failed Progressive and Keynesian economic policy as is professed by many of the so-called “experts” in Washington, at worst you mean another failed Socialist utopian economic system as professed by many of the so-called “environmentally conscious” Occupying and peeing and pooping and trashing our city parks. Remember it was your kind of Leftist Federal government policies of “helping” people get houses that couldnt afford them, that fueled the Real Estate bubble. I don’t think Americans need that kind of help, what they need is for government to stpe back and let us solve our own problems. Government is not the source of economic prosperity, the private sector is. When government professes to “help the poor, help the middle class”, unfortunately their record has been destroying the middle class and keeping the poor on their government plantation[I know people on welfare believe me].

If you understand economics and history, you will know that we NEED a Recession bad, we need an economic correction bad. At this point, they have fucked things up, it might take years for it to fix. But no matter how painful, the faster the government gets out of the way, the faster we an rip off this band aid, and get working in profitable enterprises again.

As far as Progressive/Keynesian economic policy, here’s some of the “help” we have seen in history and recently

– We have already seen the racist Progressive Woodrow Wilson drive us into a Depression (post WWI).
– We have seen Progressive President Hoover and racist Franklin Roosevelt bury us in a 15 year long Great Depression.
– More recently we have seen Keynesians like Clinton/Greenspan and Congress create a bubble in the 90’s.
– We have seen Bush/Greenspan and Congress stupidly avoiding an economic correction and bragging about it, through Stimulus and other Keynesian policies, (following the tech bubble bursting, and 9/11). Than they created another bubble, largely built on borrowing.
– We have seen Obama/Bernanke implement their own Keynesian economic policies, which like their predecessors, continue us on a path toward a huge Depression.

When I speak of ass-backwards Keynesian economics, I mean policies such as:
– deficit spending
– creating or sustaining huge parasite government initiatives and programs
– regulation and coercion of business
– racking up debt
– artificially cheap money through low interest rates
– “stimulus” through devaluing the currency.
All of these things have NEVER worked in history, and WILL NOT WORK. Keynesian economics does not work when running a budget at a kitchen table, they do not work when running a small business, they do not work when running a large corporation, and surprise, they do not work when running a government.

Wait, is not this a comic book site? Methinks they argue for not!

lol i say as soon as a comic site / celebrity news site / ultimate billy goat battles tournament site / any site posts a story of a political nature especially when political statements are being made, its fair game at that point :)

“We NEED a recession”

Stopped reading right there.
Yeah, let’s let hundreds of our fellow countrymen starve to death, AT LEAST WE’RE NOT DIRTY COMMUNISTS!

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