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The Avengers show off their assets

Artist Kevin Bolk noticed that in the promo art for The Avengers movie the guys all are striking heroic poses while Black Widow is in the classic brokeback pose, twisting around so the reader can see both her boobs and her butt at the same time. So Bolk turned the tables and drew the male characters doing a little preening as well.




I noticed Black Widow is flashing her ass again in her A poster. How long does this have to go on before a pattern emerges?

It’s already a pattern. The problem is it sells.

ROTFLOL that is awesome!

The Hulk looks like he’s getting ready for a PROSTATE EXAM :-O

The Hulk is clearly doing the goatse pose.

ScarJo can’t help it she’s got dat ass, and artists want to show it off.

Even Scarlett Johanson loves to look at her own behind, so can we really blame the Avengers movie posters?


Sauce for the Gander, boys…sauce for the Gander.

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