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Wizard’s Gareb Shamus launches blog, Twitter feed — and shuts down digital magazine

Looks like Wizard Magazine/Wizard Entertainment/Wizard World founder Gareb Shamus is taking a more hands-on approach to the internet component of his comics-related empire. After years of communicating with his audience (or at least putting his signature on these communications) solely through press releases, editor’s letters, and the occasional confrontation over unrefunded subscriptions to the now-defunct Wizard magazine with a white Lando Calrissian cosplayer, Shamus has started a blog and opened a Twitter account. Meanwhile, Wizard Magazine’s much-ballyhooed digital incarnation — previously touted by Shamus as “the smartest business decision I’ve ever made”appears to have disappeared from the Internet.

On Twitter, Shamus is following a dozen people, including Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Lee, Kevin Smith, and Whitney Cummings of the NBC comedy Whitney. So far his only tweet is a retweeted link to an interview with Siggy Flicker, matchmaker and star of VH1’s Why Am I Still Single? (Ironically, perhaps, that last bit reminds me of the weird fake Gareb Shamus twitter account that’s been following virtually all of us ex-Wizard employees for a couple of years now.)

On his blog, Shamus has posted interviews with creators Bill Sienkiewicz, David Mack, Marv Wolfman, Phil Jimenez, Greg Capullo, and Kevin Maguire, as well as his thoughts on chocolate chip cookies. That’s actually a pretty fun line-up.

But Wizard World, the digital magazine that replaced Wizard‘s print iteration after it and sister publication ToyFare were unceremoniously canceled? Nowhere to be found on its dedicated URL And on Wizard’s main site, currently billing itself as the place “Where Pop Fi Comes to Life,” Wizard World‘s death has gone unnoted as well. Perhaps White Lando can direct inquiries about this matter to @gareb.



As one of those who had money stolen from Wizard, the prospect of a Twitter account……excites me.

“Shamus is following a dozen people, including Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Lee, Kevin Smith, and Whitney Cummings of the NBC comedy Whitney.”

Wow! One of these things is not like the other. Maybe the last one is because he’s secretly a masochist.

Awwww… Did GeekChic crash and burn already? Or is this another attempt to pad a prospectus with his ‘cred’ for uninformed investors in his next scheme?

GAREB: LOL J/K love your Wiz World shows. I always bring the kids. Are you single?

He really used Steve Jobs “One more thing…” line? Really?

It’s sad to see what’s happened to a place and publication where so many talented people got their start. If you miss Wizard or it’s digital PDF magazine, check out Champion! Magazine for th iPad. It’s fully interactive and the first few issues are free for now: It’s iPad only, but should be available for Android next year.

I’m following him on Twitter for the lolz.

Champion is actually a really good magazine. Looks great on the iPad. And it’s free! Definitely worth the download.

Started reading Gareb’s blog. It looks like he’s in front of the camera doing interviews from the Wizard conventions.

Buddy Scalera

I’ve been out of comics for quite some time. But I still have the collecting disease. I stumbled upon this site while trying to complete a digital collection of Wizard.

Now I’m curious. What did Shamus do that has everyone so upset?

Nevermind. Used google

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