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A ternion of tip-offs: Solomon’s Thieves, Tiempos Finales and Crogan’s Loyalty [UPDATED]

Three creators of hotly anticipated comics have given exciting updates about their projects in the last few weeks.

Jordan Mechner (Prince of Persia) says the second volume of Solomon’s Thieves, his historical-adventure trilogy, is in the can, and artists LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland are hard at work on Vol. 3. No release date for either book has been announced, but there’s a Facebook page for fans who want the latest info on the series, including sneak peeks at artwork like this:

Meanwhile, Sam Hiti has teased that his long-awaited return to the Hispanic-themed Tiempos Finales concept will happily coincide with the Mayan end times next year.

Finally, Chris Schweizer declares that Crogan’s Loyalty, the third volume in his historical-adventure series Crogan Adventures is completed and in the publisher’s hands. There’s not a specific release date for this yet either, but Schweizer says that it’ll be sometime next summer. [UPDATE: Schweizer announces in the comments below that Crogan’s Loyalty will be released on June 6.]



Hiti! Hiti! Hiti!

I’m commenting because I am SO EXCITED about those other two projects (I’ve harangued the :01 folks about the continuation of Solomon’s Thieves every time I’ve seen ‘em for the past year or more, and I’ve got a big Tiempos Finales print hung up right behind my computer, a constant reminder of what I’m eagerly anticipating), and to say that the official release date of Crogan’s Loyalty is June 6th.

Eagerly awaiting all three projects. And yay for the June release date for Crogan’s Loyalty!

REALLY looking forward to Crogan’s Loyalty. I loved Chris’ first two Crogan books. I’m not familiar with the other two series, but I’ll make it a point to look for them.

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