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After the JSA/JLA Thanksgiving, it’s time to clean up

Kerry Callen posted this before Thanksgiving, but it seems especially appropriate now that the holiday is over. Ever wonder how super heroes handle clean-up chores after those big turkey dinners? Callen has the answer. Are Flash’s pals being unfair? Can he convince them that they are? Only one way to find out.



Just another example of Super Dickery.

Oh yeah. First.

… that is the funniest. I really thought for a brief moment we were looking at a missing World’s Finest archive page.



Great art, but it doesn’t make sense. Superman is just as fast as Flash and GL could clean the dishes without lifting a finger using his ring (unless they’re using wooden plates).



Gotta agree with Hank. As WW is clearly in attendance, there shouldn’t be any doubt about the clean-up duties…

I love the fact that Superman is wiping his mouth with his cape. Stay classy, Supes!

Kerry Callen is hilarious. Check out his blog. It is also hilarious. As are dogs wearing costumes and chimpanzees smoking cigars.

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