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Alan Moore and David Lloyd lend their talents to Occupy Comics

Alan Moore, who characterized the Occupy movement as “a completely justified howl of moral outrage,” has joined his V for Vendetta collaborator David Lloyd and more than 50 other creators for Occupy Comics, an anthology project inspired by the protests.

“It’s fair to say that Alan Moore and David Lloyd are unofficial godfathers of the current protest movement,”  Occupy Comics organizer Matt Pizzolo told “It’s really amazing to see two creatives whose work was inspiring to street protesters join a creative project that is inspired by the street protesters. It’s a pretty virtuous cycle.”

Moore will contribute a long-form prose piece, possibly with illustrations, exploring the movement’s principles, “corporate control of the comics industry and the superhero paradigm itself.”

The project, being funded through Kickstarter, is described as “a time capsule of the passions and emotions driving the movement.” It will begin as single-issue comics, followed by a hardcover collection; a making-of documentary is also being produced by Patrick Meaney, director of Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts. With three days left in its fundraising campaign, Occupy Comics has raised $15,892, surpassing its $10,000 goal.

The famously left-wing Moore recently responded to Frank Miller’s scathing criticism of the Occupy movement, saying, “As far as I can see, the Occupy movement is just ordinary people reclaiming rights which should always have been theirs. I can’t think of any reason why as a population we should be expected to stand by and see a gross reduction in the living standards of ourselves and our kids, possibly for generations, when the people who have got us into this have been rewarded for it; they’ve certainly not been punished in any way because they’re too big to fail. I think that the Occupy movement is, in one sense, the public saying that they should be the ones to decide who’s too big to fail. It’s a completely justified howl of moral outrage and it seems to be handled in a very intelligent, non-violent way, which is probably another reason why Frank Miller would be less than pleased with it. I’m sure if it had been a bunch of young, sociopathic vigilantes with Batman make-up on their faces, he’d be more in favour of it. We would definitely have to agree to differ on that one.”

In addition to Moore and Lloyd, the Occupy Comics participants include Michael Allred, Darick Robertson, Douglas Rushkoff, Ben Templesmith, Si Spurrier, Dean Haspiel, Amanda Palmer, J.M. DeMatteis, Steve Niles, Dan Goldman, Charlie Adlard, Susie Cagle, Shannon Wheeler, Molly Crabapple, Ryan Ottley, Joshua Dysart, Joseph Michael Linsner, Joe Keatinge, B. Clay Moore and Joshua Hale Fialkov.



Why is the girl holding the flag dressed like a clown and or prostitute?

So I guess we can expect stories of rape, drugs and crapping on a corner.

While the people who make up the OWS movement are justified in their feels, the problem is the movement focused on and attacked the wrong thing.

Blame should be place on the mistakes of our ‘wise overlords’ in government, less so then on Wall Street (tho they had their part to play). The fault is not capitalism, but the false capitalism properly called mercantilism or crony capitalism. And socialism isn’t the answer.

It is amazing the amount of attention these squatters are getting from both the media and so-called intellectuals in various fields. They have accomplished nothing except pollute the parks and alleys were they make their hovels. They certainly won’t be accomplishing anything on election day like the Tea Party did last year because these squatters are too lazy and unmotivated to do anything other than utter the same cliched refrain that people like the clearly uneducated Mr. Moore continually espouse.

Moore and Lloyd shouldn’t waste their time.

Andrew Klaven took care of it already:

Mock the OWS all you like but if you’re not part of the 1%, you’re only shafting yourself.

I’m part of the 53% and I’ll continue to mock OWS so long as they push economic & political idiocy. Big Government is never the solution, and getting others to steal for you is not moral.

I have to assume that this is going to be an unfair portrayal of the total chaos that is the movement. Unless you put in a story where someone interviews twenty different occupiers about their intentions and gets twenty different answers you’re not showing the real occupy movement. I’m all for toppling the fat cats but the occupation is going about it the wrong way. Many videos online show nothing more than immature children looking for the next big party. You want to make a difference? Great but come at it logically. You’re mad because people are making money and abusing the system? Sitting in one spot and letting them do it doesn’t threaten them. At it’s core it does nothing. It’s a waste of time nothing more.

And then there are my favorite members. The ones how feel shafted and want something in return. Grow up. If you can’t go out and get what you want either by working for it or creating the real issue is you have no life skills. Don’t be mad at the fat cats for that. Be mad at your parents who failed to turn you into a productive adult.

Every time I stumble upon comments about Occupy, their ‘howl of moral outrage’ makes more sense to me while the ‘get a job’, ‘you’re all spoiled’, ‘they make a mess’ grumblings of the rest of you get more insipid and bitter. The 1% have got plenty of misguided keyboard warriors bashing away for them, no?

Well, let see.

“the Occupy movement is just ordinary people reclaiming rights which should always have been theirs.”

Ok. And what rights are these? Thing I don’t care about the Occupy movement is the claim of rights that aren’t rights. You do NOT have a right to a job, home, education, health care. If someone has to pay for it, its not a right. Do you have a right to obtain these? Sure. You don’t have a right to have it given to you at the expense of others.

“I can’t think of any reason why as a population we should be expected to stand by and see a gross reduction in the living standards of ourselves and our kids, possibly for generations, when the people who have got us into this have been rewarded for it; they’ve certainly not been punished in any way because they’re too big to fail.”

Ok. I would agree with that sentiment. As I think would many others. HOWEVER, those guilty of this AREN’T on Wall Street, by and large. They are in DC and on K Street. You can thank your wise overlords in government, along with certain corporate interests for this. But to ONLY blame the corporatists is the mistake.

“I think that the Occupy movement is, in one sense, the public saying that they should be the ones to decide who’s too big to fail.”

Ok. And how do they do this? By bigger government? Sorry, it was big government that did the bailing out. If you want to decide who’s ‘too big to fail’, you use the free market. You buy goods and services from companies you like, not from those you don’t. And those who don’t succeed in the market, fail.

“It’s a completely justified howl of moral outrage and it seems to be handled in a very intelligent, non-violent way.”

Ok. ‘howl of moral outrage’ sure. Very intelligent, no. Claiming crap like a job is a right or health care is a right and other such nonsense is not intelligent. Non-violent? Sorry, no. We’ve seen examples. Yes, I will agree that the police overstepped there bounds in many ways, but the Occupiers have not shown themselves to be angels.

Here is the thing.

We got where we are due to a collusion of government and corporations. More big government will just make it worse. The house crisis which lead to the recent meltdown was caused by government interference thru encouragement of risky loans, pumping up the mortgage industry thru Fannie and Freddie and the like. We are now seeing an education bubble forming, with people saddled with huge student loans and useless degrees. Again caused by government interference in education that has cause education costs to rise. And not helping things are people getting useless degrees.

Health care is a mess and costly. Again, sorry to sound like a stuck record, but caused by several decades of government interference. Obamacare will just make this worse.

Economic ignorance of people is appalling. Please educate yourselves by reading works like “Economics in One Lesson” by Hazlitt and similar works. Job create comes from business who are successful and are expanding, NOT due to government.

A lot of people don’t like what is happening in the world. But we haven’t bought into the nonsense that government is the solution. Its not us that are misguided.

If you’d like to read “Economic in One Lesson”, you can get it for free here:

The Foundation for Economic Education is one of several places you can go to learn true free market economics. Another good one is the Ludwig von Mises Institute

It’s pretty funny when someone talks about economic ignorance and then links to the Mises Institute in an effort to educate people. Let’s stick with respectable economists and not those consistently proven to be wrong whenever their beliefs are enacted. Also, that over half the replies in the thread are from one person.

That aside, it’s good to see more talk and education about economic inequality and what led America, and really, the world, to be in the mess it’s in. Prior to OWS, it was a rare day indeed to hear anyone in the media talking about inequality, now, it’s becoming rather common. Regardless of your beliefs, it’s clear those leading the economy had no interest in the economy at large, but only in themselves. Giving a voice to the frustration the people have is important in educating others and slowly, starting the process of change, whether legislative or via other pressure.

batman's rich dad

December 6, 2011 at 11:19 am

I love OWS detractors because of all the rabid defense of the oligarchy. Thanks for making sure Wayne Enterprises runs smoothly, with low low taxes, high CEO bonuses, and no goddamn unions. Thanks America! Your ignorance will keep me and little Bruce in caviar for decades.

Good for Moore and Lloyd. Protests and civil disobedience are a hallmark of Western development and have been the catalyst for greater social change than trickle down economics and crony capitalism ever will be. If right wing shills are so afraid of people simply congregating and protesting then the OWS movement must be on the right course.

I am very disappointed in Frank Miller. This is the man who wrote the “You have dined well” scene in Batman Year One, which was as damning an indictment of the 1% as they come, and now he’s appalled by people voicing their support for this sentiment?

A better economics lesson comes from Paul Krugman who supported a much larger stimulus (as did most economists) for example. This is something China, Japan and Germany all did as well to stop a depression. The OWS protesters are largely correct. America has shifted towards a finance economy with jobs being sent overseas (along with capital) and that has hurt the middle class. In fact, govt can and does create jobs through actions it can take and the people it already employs. It also saved the American auto industry by bailing out GM, which helped save Ford and all the rest as they are all connected through parts makers and auto dealers. And it is middle and small business owners who employ more Americans not the biggest corporations, which have been paying a shrinking tax rate since the early 1970s and then again in early 1980s to today by threatening to move overseas. They do it anyway as American workers can’t compete with cheap foreign labor. Thus, we are left with education, which many of the OWS protesters rightly believe should be more subsidized or free. Most of Europe provides free education for example. In fact, one could make technical fields, science and math all free to those willing so that engineers would no longer have to imported. Plus, many of those looking for work could be retrained in fields where they could get jobs. Govt is meant to be the democratic voice of the people and to act as a bulwark against the excesses of the free market that is, when left alone, sometimes destructive and even unproductive as so much of the finance sector has been geared towards making money even investments have no real productive value. In essence, the market needs laws like all of society or it creates a wasteland that sometimes even leaves the richest people broken. If one was to espouse a free market it would have to be one that again requires govt to break up massive monopolies and too big to fail institutions. They won’t do it on their own and the free market’s self-correcting methods take a very long time (such as the Great Depression) and end up hurting millions for the sake a few. The OWS protesters are correct in their primary purpose. Education should be free or heavily subsidized (with defense spending being reduced to perhaps double what China spends which is still more than we need) and taxes on the super rich should be raised to shore up the debt and deficit. Another stimulus package and jobs bill would further energize the economy through infrastructure building (the market is slow or nonexistent here as there is no easy path to profit here). In fact most private building projects end up getting public funds anyway (from stadiums to skyscrapers, taxpayers foot the bill in the name of jobs and attracting capital). The rather darwinian rightwing perspective ignores all of this and focuses on an imaginary market that self-regulates (surely not when it comes to pollution, safety standards and the like), competes and gives everyone better products and pays everyone a fair wage for their labor. Then they argue for lower taxes on the rich as job creators, but this has not led to job creation at all. If you cut taxes, do it for those who create jobs in the US and raise them on those who send capital elsewhere. Lower taxes for the middle and lower classes who spend nearly all they have anyway (and this helps the economy) and raise it on the super rich who don’t really need to spend all they have. The solution is an accountable govt that is not beholden to special interests (mostly corporations, but also other organizations that keeps us involved in everything from fossil fuels to foreign wars) and responsive in a more democratic situation. In short, campaign finance reform would go a long way to push back against the completely wrong-headed Supreme Court decision of Citizens United. Until then anyway, I say go OWS and do something more helpful for the majority of Americans as opposed to the Tea Party that has worked for the corporate America.

There’s only two things I hate in this world.
People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.

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