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Amy Reeder shares process artwork for Batwoman #7 cover

Batwoman #7

Amy Reeder, who takes over the art duties on Batwoman with issue #6 with Richard Friend, shows off process artwork for the cover of Batwoman #7 on her Facebook page.

You probably saw the finished version in the recently released DC solicitations for March, but she has the pencils and inks up there too for those of you who like to see all stages of the process. Also, remember those variant covers that weren’t going to be used? Well, as you may know by now, the first one is being used for Batwoman #6, so hopefully the others will see print as well.



Sigh. I simply cannot accept that Williams is off the book. It’s one thing to boot Sterling Gates off Hawk And Dove, or shift artists willy nilly, but to take Williams off a book he’s so closely identified with over the past few years….First the had Jock and Francavilla on Detective and they booted them off, in favour of Tony Daniels and Crapullo, and now this? Marts has to go. He’s ruining the Batman books, in what potentially could be a huge year.

Williams isn’t gone, he’s alternating arcs with Reeder, as has been the case since they announced Batwoman years ago.

Sure. “Alternating” arcs. And Gates is leaving Hawk and Dove of his own volition, and Gail Simone is SO happy to be off Firestorm.

I was under the impression Mr. Williams was still WRITING the book.

I’m sure Bob Harras can find another old git in his rolodex to take over and drive the book into the toilet. This is the company that fired Greg Rucka off the book.

This is Batwoman. DC is embarassed to be printing a book with a LGBT lead, and is doing everything they can to sabotage the book. If sure Amy Hadley is a very talented artist, but I’ve never heard of her, and thats not good enough for a suppposed a-list book.

@Dave: But Williams is still co-writing the book, and this was the plan all along as Manicmatt said. This was the original plan in large part because Williams takes a great deal of time to produce a book (no surprise given the quality) and he knew it would be impossible to keep up (especially since he’s co-writing) without the book becoming late…they built this in to avoid these kind of problems.

It’s a wonderful solution. Now instead of some quickly assigned crappy fill-in artists so Williams can take a break (or catch up) we have a well planned arc with a talented artist. If only MORE books could be this well-considered.

@Dave – Apparently you haven’t read any news about Batwoman from the past year. This has been the plan even before the new 52 was going to happen. Williams is still co-writing the book. He’s just alternating arcs with Amy Reeder, whom he’s already worked with on the Batwoman #0 issue. Please get your facts straight before you come on here mouthing off about him.

Amy Reeder’s work is great, she worked on Madame Xanadu and the Supergirl covers. I’m really looking forward to her arcs!


It’s a godsend they held this book back until the reboot. If they didn’t, it probably would’ve been rebooted with a brand new story or cancelled outright. If the story was rebooted, then the story we’re reading right now would’ve been rushed and the ending an a$$ pull like half of the other books that got cancelled in August.

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