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Anthony Bourdain’s Get Jiro! gets a cover and synopsis

The pre-order listing for Anthony Bourdain’s “gourmet slaughterfest” graphic novel Get Jiro! has surfaced on, and with it the Langdon Foss-drawn cover.

Arriving July 3, the 160-page Vertigo graphic novel marks the comics debut of the acerbic chef turned author turned television host, who collaborated with friend and novelist Joel Rose and Heavy Metal artist Foss.

Bourdain first teased the book in September 2010, characterizing Get Jiro! as “sort of like Fistful of Dollars meets Eat Drink Man Woman” or, alternately, “Yojimbo meets Big Night and Babette’s Feast, an ultra-violent slaughter-fest over culinary arcana.” If you’re hoping for something a little more specific, you’re in luck, as the Amazon listing includes an official synopsis:

In a not-too-distant future L.A. where master chefs rule the town like crime lords and people literally kill for a seat at the best restaurants, a bloody culinary war is raging.

On one side, the Internationalists, who blend foods from all over the world into exotic delights. On the other, the “Vertical Farm,” who prepare nothing but organic, vegetarian, macrobiotic dishes. Into this maelstrom steps Jiro, a renegade and ruthless sushi chef, known to decapitate patrons who dare request a California Roll, or who stir wasabi into their soy sauce. Both sides want Jiro to join their factions. Jiro, however has bigger ideas, and in the end, no chef may be left alive!

If there had been any doubts before, that sure make it clear: Food nerds, this book’s for you.

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Really? You’re not supposed to stir wasabi into the soy sauce? Guess I need to go apologize to the sushi chefs at my local joint…

It surprised me too when I did my research. Sushi, or raw seafood with rice, already has a bit of wasabi in between the two. That amount was already determined by the chef to give the sushi the best flavor out of it.

For Sashimi, or just the raw seafood, you place bits of the wasabi and place it on the Sashimi itself, then you dip it into the soy sauce.

Oh yeah, props to Bourdain for naming the protagonist after the greatest living Sushi chef today, Sukiyabashi Jiro:

nah, those fucking guys eat that green shit straight man…

I don’t see how you are supposed to enjoy the fish when your fucking lungs are on fire and your nose is running and your eyes are watering.

I guess I just don’t get the purist….

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