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Artist Aviv Or creates a Community/X-Men mash-up

Last year a segment of fandom rallied around the idea of Community’s Donald Glover portraying Spider-Man in the upcoming film, but what if the actor who played Troy had another hero in mind — perhaps Wolverine?

Artist Aviv Or imagines that and a host of other crazy ideas in her ongoing Community/X-Men mash-up over on her website. So far we have Troy/Wolverine, Pierce/Magneto, Annie/Kitty Pryde, Jeff/Cyclops and Gillian/Jean Grey.

Or has several more mash-ups to go through, and we’re excited for who she’ll surprise us with next. Perhaps after this, a 30 Rock/Justice League mash-up with Kenneth Parcell as Superman!



Keneth is Aquaman
Jack is Superman

That my read of it anyway

I think you mean Britta is Jean Grey…Gillian is the actress’ name. =^) Where’s Abed? And Starburns?

I bet Abed is going to be Nighcrawler — the figure crouching in front there. The dean is going to be Professor X. And Shirley is going to be… Storm? That leaves Chang… hmmm, who would he be?

Nah Abed is Prof X. Shirley is Storm, and Chang will be toad.

I’m guessing:

Dean – Prof. X
Abed – Nightcrawler
Shirley – Storm
Chang – Beast

According to the Hebrew* version of her website, Aviv is a she rather than a he.
Also, those are AWESOME.

*Hebrew uses gender-specific pronouns

Aviv Or is a woman, not a man.

If we’re doing comic mashups with community. I think Abed should be Batman. Chang is the Joker. Troy is Spider-man of course. Annie is Harley Quinn based on her song in the last episode. Jeff as Cyclops is spot on. I’d say Britta is Poison Ivy given her extreme environmental activism. Pierce and Shirley are harder to place. I’d go with Ra’s al-Ghul for Pierce (they’re both really old and cranky). Shirley most resembles Amanda Waller, but I don’t think the personalities match up. The dean seems to be in a role similar to Hugo Strange (crazy guy running the madhouse). Magnitude is Black Bolt in that bad stuff will happen if Magnitude says anything other than “Pop Pop.” Starburns in my mind would be a mafia thug like Carmine Falconi or we could go with the star theme and make him Starro. I can’t come up with anything for Leonard.

Also I think it’s funny that in the picture Annie’s boobs are on her shoulder.

Shirley – Storm
Abed – Nightcrawler
Chang wearing a bald cap over a blonde wig – Professor X
Dean – Dazzler

Thanks Chen and Kav9; I’ve updated the post.

Abed is nightcrawler Shirley is storm and dean as professor x and maybe slater as mystique?

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