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Before Bunker, there was ‘Mega Arm Guy’

Over on his blog, Teen Titans artist Brett Booth shows us some of his early designs for the character who eventually became Bunker. Originally the character was “going to transform into a monster,” Booth says, and the character went through several other iterations before they landed on Bunker and his bricks. “Scott wanted to do bricks so we did bricks.”



Obviously this design was rejected when somone pointed out it’s just Anole from New X-Men.

“Someone,” even.

“Scott wanted to do bricks so we did bricks.” That strikes me as a strange thought, somehow, that a creator would want brick-based powers enough to veto someone else’s decision. “We’re doing bricks. We’re doing bricks and that’s FINAL.”

It’s probably well enough that the decision to have the gay character turn into a monster was canned.
The subtext of that would have been kinda negative.

I would have named him Knuckle Dragger.

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