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Capcom axing Magneto costume following Spanish royal objections

Magento's downloadable costume from "Marvel vs. Capcom 3"

The release of downloadable content pack for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be delayed almost three months, apparently giving the video-game publisher time to remove the Magneto uniform that drew objections from Spain’s royal family.

According Capcom-Unity, the “Ancient Warrior” costume pack, originally set to debut today, now won’t be available until March 6 in the United States and March 7 in Europe. When it does arrive, however, it will contain only Firebrand, Arthur and Hulk; Magneto’s House of M-inspired skin will be gone.

The dispute dates back to 2005, when artist Mike Mayhew used the official portrait of King Juan Carlos as the basis for his cover of The Pulse: House of M Special. Except for the heads and the colors of their sashes, the images of Carlos and Magneto were virtually identical; even the medals and wall patterns matched (see below).

Representatives of the royal family hinted at legal action, but Marvel apologized and quickly replaced the cover, seemingly putting an end to the matter. But then, just last month, the uniform reappeared in promotional art for the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 “Ancient Warrior” pack, sparking another round of objections from the royal house, which contends that, like the Mayhew cover, the downloadable costume may infringe on the copyright of the original portrait.

Insisting that it’s seeking to prevent the “misuse” of the figure of the king and Spanish military uniform, the palace asked Spanish game distributor Koch Media to remove the skin.

King Juan Carlos of Spain, left, and Mike Mayhew's Magento

(via Joystiq)



Our founding fathers didn’t fight a war and gain our independence so that a Japanese company licensing American comic book characters could cave into the absurd demands of a European monarch.

LOL, this is what happens when artists use to much photo-referencing.

Can’t Marvel and Capcom argue that the costume is satire or parody? Thus they’d be able to use the uniform unless, like Morocco and Thailand, Spain has laws against insulting the king.

You can’t be serious.The country(not the King himself)that pulled their troops out of the coalition after the train bombing incident is worried about a comic book insulting the King’s Military uniform.With the Spanish economy in the toilet why does the Royal family have enough money to hire lawyers over something this stupid?In fact given that same economy why is there a Spanish Royal family at all?What war did this clown fight in?

thats what you get for swiping…

That’s not even a swipe, he’s just altered the values on the original photo and added his own head. I mean… not his *own* head. Magneto’s head.

This is a very silly situation.

Swiper no swiping! Swiper no swiping! Swiper, no swiping!

Awww mannn!

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