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Comics A.M. | Wizard tries to ‘reach out'; Image Expo adds creators


Conventions | Wizard’s executive chairman Mike Mathews tells Heidi MacDonald that after the resignation of former CEO Gareb Shamus, the company wants to be “a Switzerland of entertainment” and mend fences with members of the industry: “Gareb is one of these types of personalities who has taken strong positions over the years with various people in the industry and brands. And that kind of hurt us because of where we are trying to go — we’re trying to be a Switzerland of entertainment and we want to try to try to reach out to brands.” MacDonald notes the company is offering a $100 credit toward Wizard conventions to former Wizard subscribers whose subscriptions abruptly ended when the magazine was shut down. A new CEO is expected to be named early next month. [The Beat]

Conventions | Image Comics announced several more guests for the Image Expo, scheduled for Feb. 24-26 in Oakland, California. The lineup now includes Blair Butler, John Layman, Rob Guillory, Nick Spencer, Joshua Fialkov, Joe Keatinge, Jim McCann and Jim Zubkavich, among many others. [press release]

Organizations | The Associação da Luta Contra o Cancer is running an awareness campaign in Mozambique featuring images drawn by artist Maisa Chaves of Wonder Woman, Catwoman, She-Hulk and Storm checking their breasts for lumps. [Daily Mail]

Retailing | The Sacramento Press surveys local comic shops. [Part 1, Part 2]

Comics | Greg Elias talks to Dr. Peter A. Hancock about the use of augmented cognition in The Flash. [Speed Force]

The Massive

Creators | Brian Wood reflects on Channel Zero, one of his earliest works, and discusses digital comics, the financial hit he took when his exclusive contract with DC expired, and his upcoming work at Dark Horse on Conan and The Massive: “The Massive is at once both a stylistic and tonal followup to DMZ, and representative of a radical new approach in how I’m writing my comics. It was designed, originally, to be a Vertigo book and follow right after DMZ’s end and capture that same audience, to give those diehard readers something they would enjoy just as much. That obviously didn’t come to pass (conflicts with the new contracts Vertigo was offering, mostly) but the intent is the same. Existing readers of my Vertigo work, The Massive is for you.” [ComicsAlliance]

Creators | Chew artist Rob Guillory is briefly profiled by his local newspaper. [The Advertiser]

Commentary | K. Thor Jensen lists 11 comic characters “that should have stayed dead.” [UGO]

Awards | Houston Chronicle editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson is the recipient of the National Press Foundation’s 2011 Clifford K. & James T. Berryman Award for Editorial Cartooning. [The Daily Cartoonist]



Has anyone checked to see if that breast-cancer campaign in Mozambique got Marvel and DC’s OK? Just curious. It’d be surprisingly forward-thinking of them.

Why don’t “Swizerland” just refund people’s money? Now I have to spend more money to get my money back? They took people’s money and did not send what they paid for. That is MAIL FRAUD.

Hmmm. Wizard mending fences. That’s very interesting. Let’s see.

Wizard World conventions:
– Charged exorbitant amounts for smallish retailer/indy booth spots.
– Charged artists and writers (sometimes advertised as attending) for pathetically small spots.
– Treated concerns and complaints from said retailers/indy houses/artists/writers with condescending words and mockery.
– Scheduled a con to compete with the annual Heroes Con until the fan backlash made them reconsider.
– Became more about Hollyweird star-power attendance than comics.
– Featured nepotism-fueled duets with hip-hop acts from the ’90s.
– Abandoned by fans in favor of C2E2 attendance.
– Abandoned by Gareb Shamus.

Ooops! Better get cracking on replacing those crispy and blackened bridges.

I had a VERY disheartening experience at this years Wizard World Chicago show that really turned me off of the company as a whole…BUT, I’d be first in line if the new powers that be are looking to make amends. I hope that the follies of old are truly left behind in favor of something MUCH BETTER!

*For any interested, I detailed my experience on my blog: HERE

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