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Darwyn Cooke on Watchmen 2: ‘Ah, get out, man’

From "Watchmen"

For a while now, Bleeding Cool has repeatedly linked Eisner Award winner Darwyn Cooke with the hotly rumored Watchmen 2 from DC Comics, driving the world’s Twitterati into a Walter Kovacs-like frenzy.

But if that’s the case, Mr. Cooke is unaware of his connection.

When I spoke with the Canadian cartoonist in a recent interview about his artwork for an upcoming issue of James Robinson’s The Shade, I asked Cooke point blank if he would be working on Watchmen 2.

Cooke responded, succinctly, “Ah, get out, man. That’s like three years old.”

Now if DC Comics was planning Watchmen 2, the publisher would not want the sure-fire hit to be announced as a throwaway line during an interview for an unrelated series, so Cooke easily could have been smoking out CBR News with a red herring.

And his answer did lean toward the question being “old” news and not “no” news, so DC Comics may very well be prepping a sequel to the groundbreaking maxi-series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. It just doesn’t appear that Cooke will be playing a role.

Which is too bad, because Cooke writing, drawing or even thinking about the characters from Watchmen, especially The Comedian, would qualify as about as pitch-perfect as you could get in terms of a creator getting on board a project that would certainly come with equal parts praise and ire, if and when it is ever announced.



Cooke could easily work on some really really good Minutemen mini series.

Good gravy, I hope not. That would take valuable time away from interesting projects.

What would anyone expect him to say? “Sorry, Mr. DiDio, they got me…I had to ‘fess up!” Bleeding Cool has a pretty impressive track record of being right on these things, and Darwyn Cooke on The Comedian would be amazing. Anyone who doesn’t want the Watchmen sacred cow slaughtered for more grade-A meat needs to get a vegan cookbook.

“Ah, get out, man. That’s like three years old.”

On the internet, this isn’t a “no,” but in person I bet it felt like a “no.”

Whoever works on Watchmen, is going to be tarred and feathered as a scab for the rest of their lives.

Don’t do it, Darwyn… you can do better.

I’ll bet it isn’t Watchmen II oer se, but a stry with the Charlton characters on Charlton-earth.

per se, that is.

No no no no no no no. The world does not need a Watchmen sequel. Hey DC, do something new! Find the NEXT hugely influential story! Hey Cooke, get another Parker book on the stands!

“so Cooke easily could have been smoking out CBR News with a red herring.”

CBR News? Really? I’m surprised that any of the sites that have such a symbiotic relationship with the major publishers feels they can use the word “news” to describe anything they do.

I’m reminded of the time that a DC employee told me that Batman: Odyssey wasn’t a real thing that would happen.

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