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Fly the friendly skies — with manga

National airlines like to add a bit of local color to their flights — I remember when I was a kid, getting Smarties and Beano comics on our Aer Lingus flights to Ireland. Now Japan Airlines is taking that high-tech: Passengers on their 787 Dreamliner flights, which start next year, will be able to read 30 different manga for free on electronic setback readers.

Initially the manga will be in Japanese only, but English translations will be available eventually. But don’t plan on buying a plane ticket from the United States to dodge paying for your manga: The service will initially be available on flights from Tokyo to New Delhi, Moscow and Beijing.



Dangit, Brigid, with that image, you got me excited for just a second that someone was going to finally finish translating Area 88 into English, only to have my hopes dashed! Curses!

Ah, Area 88… That series was great!

Why, o why won’t anyone publish it on its entirety?

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