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Giant robots come to Hogwarts

Neill Cameron is the creator of Mo-Bot High, a British graphic novel that he describes as a “giant robot high school comedy epic,” so it seems natural that he would add giant robots to the Harry Potter stories. Actually, here’s how it came about:

so aaaages ago I made a Funny Joke on twitter, announcing my delight at the news that I’d landed the assignment of producing graphic novel adaptations of all seven Harry Potter novels… but that I would of course be making some changes. This was just an excuse for me to make up lots of silly titles: Harry Potter and the Unusually Large Baby, Harry Potter and the Drunk Jellyfish, that sort of thing. Anyway, comics writer, journalist and tweeter par excellence Chris Sims chimed in with “Harry Potter and The Hell With It, They All Have Giant Robots Now.” And lo, my mind was blown.

Cameron has worked up some nice character sketches of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the others. I burned out on the Harry Potter books on volume 3, but I have to say, I would totally read Cameron’s graphic novel. Think about it, JK!


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You “burned out” on the books after the third one? Odd, given that was the book where the series really started to take off and move beyond just being “kids” books.

You should really go back and give the HP series another shot. They got better and better with each entry. Certainly much bettert than any comic I’ve read in ages.

Also, I hope Ms. Rowling NEVER lets HP become a comic book. There’s no need… The seven books were enough to tell Harry’s tale. Anything more would likely just cheapen it.

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