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‘Heroes will rise’ in Diesel’s new DC Comics underwear

As someone who spent a significant portion of his childhood in superhero Underoos, I can appreciate the sentiment behind these new DC Comics-branded boxerbriefs from Diesel and Warner Bros. — even if I can’t envision myself, as an adult (lacking the body of an underwear model), wearing them. Or, y’know, shelling out $34 for the pleasure.

However, if you’re itching to sport the logos of Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and The Joker above your cotton- and elastane-clad buttcheeks — or to see someone else do the same — then these are for you.

There’s probably a “stocking stuffer” joke to be made — also, “The Fastest Man Alive” — but I’ll do my best to resist. Alas, the folks at Diesel apparently don’t have that level of restraint, as the (let’s hope intentionally) hilarious promo video for the underwear drops the phrases “heroes will rise” and “show ‘em what you’ve got.” You can check it out below.

(via DC Women Kicking Ass)



No Superman undies? Is Jim Lee THAT insistent that Superman not have underwear that he wouldn’t let Diesel make them? How else am I to demonstrate that I am a Man of Steel?

What happens when DC rebbots again? Do they vanish?

There’s a joke in there somewhere about “rise” and “in underwear”…

Why not superman… not sure why any guy would want to label that area ‘joker’ or ‘flash’

Seriously, is the Flash a message you want to give a woman?)

ok, those are shit underwear. The red and green don’t look like anything special, or that they even relate to superheroes.

The batman one look the best out of the bunch …. but overall they are all average. There isn’t even a hot guy wearing them!?! What is up with that??? haha…

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