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‘It’s coming’ on Wednesday, apparently

It's still coming

After two months of teases, it looks like we may get some payoff on the “It’s coming” images that Marvel started running around the New York Comic-Con. The company has scheduled a live event this Wednesday at 3 p.m. Eastern to hopefully announce the project.

Since October, Marvel has run Phoenix-themed teaser images, with several of their top creators tied to it — Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Olivier Coipel, John Romiat Jr. and Adam Kubert. And in the recent Point One comic, the Phoenix entity popped up in the Nova story, which led to Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso confirming that it’s part of a “Marvel Universe event.”

“The Phoenix is the spirit of destruction and rebirth,” Alonso told CBR’s Kiel Phegley during a discussion about Point One. “It razes worlds to grow something new. It’s bad news if you happen to be part of that ecosystem; good news if you’re the next stage. And, as everyone knows, the Phoenix is nothing without a host. So, the question emerges: If the Phoenix is headed somewhere, where is that? And if it needs a host, who is that host? Because we all know what happened the last time it found a host!”

You can check out the panel from the Nova story featuring the big ol’ flaming bird after the jump.

Edit: It looks like “It’s coming” on Tuesday, rather than Wednesday, and “It” is a round-robin story featuring the X-Men fighting the Avengers. CBR has more.



Seriously typing out “epic fail” says a lot about Jeph Loeb.

And if it needs a host, who is that host? Because we all know what happened the last time it found a host!”

It severed a future timeline encouraging Cyclops and Emma Frost together for the future of the mutant race? It’s host was killed by Magneto and it did nothing about it?

better be good

If it’s just Hope Summers and the PF why do they even need an event to announce it, we already know.

I’m just wondering if that NOVA is Rich Rider or some other Nova Corps. I ask because it sure doesn’t look like Rich Rider (not his costume/uniform). Plus he’s still trapped on the otherside of the Fault. Unless he and Starlord escaped. Heck Blackbolt is back.

I want Jean Grey back!

Don’t forget, Rich’s brother is still a Nova as well. My money is on Vulcan.

I’m with Callie. If Jean Grey is coming back, I’m interested. Otherwise, Aaron and Brubaker better be taking point on this, or I’m not into it at all.

Please, please, please let Jean Grey come back. I haven’t read Marvel since they killed her off. Jean’s my favourite X-Man—bring her back!

PLEASE PLEASE let Olivier Coipel be the main artist for this book i cant stand jrjr’s art
and please have this just be a 4 issue max series with no more than 3 ties ins and not every book published by marvel along with 30 mini series (i actualy loved fear itself but f**k the # of tie ins was absurd)

God that “epic fail” just shows how out of touch and tone-deaf a writer Jeph Loeb is now. Cringe-inducing.
Fear Itself was awful, but this has boring and repetitious written all over it: “Hey, remember in the 80s when something interesting happened once! It might happen again, WOOOOO”

Way to recapture the excitement of comics, Marvel

hickman would be my #1 choice for writer of this series as his work in ultimate comics ultimates has been supurb

Please, please, please… Let Jean Grey rest in peace. She is an interesting character only when she’s dead. I can’t remember a fine book about jean after her lame resurrection that ruined The Dark Phoenix Saga.

I was really hoping Phoenix was coming to Earth to use the Fantastic Four’s portal to the Negative Zone to ressurect Johnny Storm, but alas :/

Johnny Storm is already back read the latest FF issue

If this doesn’t involve Jean Grey coming back I have no interest whatsoever.

Don’t know if I’ll be coming back with that line-up of writers (Brubaker I love, the rest I can not read). Count me among the long-time readers that have drifted away from Marvel and its “mediocre TV episode” writing style of the last few years. When Jean Grey blistered into the sun at the end of Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run, I was reading 12 to 16 Marvel comics monthly. Now I’m down to 2 ongoings (Cap & X-Factor), and picking up 15 DC books instead. The Marvel universe is just not the same without Jean Grey, and without the kind of comics writing that had me hooked from about 1999-2005. Good luck, Marvel.

I smell line reboot

Let me guess, The pheonix force comes to marvel and destroys the 616, only to have it rebuit by Franklin Richards. Now if marvel is really cheesy they will relaunch all their titles at $2.99 in a vain attempt to stick their thumb in DC’s eye. If you can connect the dots, Fantastic Four #600 pretty much dishes it out. Galactus claims that the universe will end in flames, and then future Franklin Richards tells current Franklin Richards that he has the power of God, and can recreate the universe.

U know, the last several times it found a host, everything was hunky dorry, and there were no problems at all. The Phoenix Force has spent FAR FAR more time being a perfectly peaceful cosmic entity than it has frying brocoli peopl.

Well where is it headed? Earth…! More specifically Manhattan Island. Thats where all crises are headed in the Marvel Universe.

As for host… Well Rachel Summers/Grey is still about the place and is technically the only candidate as all he Grey family were wiped out by the Shi’ar, and its the Grey family genetic line that is tuned into the Pheonix Force (which is why they wiped them out).

But they could simply create a member of the Grey family that was not swept up in that, or even better they could bring back Jean Grey… the PF has recreated her before and everyone wants her back. The downside of this is that we will then be subjected to years of Cyclops soap opera, which has always given me the shits, as if we dont have enough of that already with the schism thing on right now.

If they do bring back Jean I hope they distance her from the x-books a bit, give her own series or something. They wont, as she’ll just tumble into the soap opera, but it would be good for her to just come back and blow off Cyclops and get a new life. Hey, maybe she could just go be the mother hen at FF? They already have Artie and Leach there, and have been functioning in the same way as the supporting cast of the original Xfactor book did. I Know, its hopeless, but hey…

Theres always the Hope Summers theory… that she will some how either be the conduit or would somehow become Jean. The problem there is she is not a Grey (as Marvel tradition/regressive story writing requires – Cyclops may have been the prohesised father, but all the power came from the Grey side, thats why Rachel became Pheonix and why Mr Sinister cloned Jean to get the right kind of baby, and why the Shi’ar wiped them out). But perhaps they have let that slide…. Tho it’ll be a bit weird if Cyclops then tries t hop into bed with his Grandaughter….

If Bendis or Loeb have anything to do with the main title of whatever this is, I’m not going anywhere near it.

Hickman COULD possibly be a good writer for this, but I think he has too much on his plate at the moment.

Bendis seems able to write a million bad comics a month, so they’ll probably give the project to him. UGH.\

Brubaker and Aaron are okay but both have faltered when trying to write X-related properties.

This better involves Jean Grey, the one and only true heroic and tragic Phoenix host! I totally agree with movieartman that Olivier Coipel should be the artist for this project. I too can’t stand, absolutely can’t stand JRJR’s art! All of his characters look alike, especially the women, who look like they had a bad Joan Rivers’ facelift! And not to mention his fascination with lines, lines and more lines.

I hope that after bringing Jean back, Marvel’ wont clip her wings and not allowing her go all out in her Phoenix Force glory. Maybe letting her go on a cosmic adventure while building that corner of the Marvel univese.

Canucklehead might have a point there. There’s a small fear in the back of my mind that Marvel might use the Phoenix to reboot it’s entire universe to copy DC’s new 52 success. But Marvel wouldn’t resort to this cheap shot. It’s beneath them!

I was going to guess Galactus, but they kind of compete for worlds to destroy. Hmmm… what if they had a child?

Reading Wikipedia:
“The Phoenix is among the most feared beings in all of existence — having the power to cut and re-grow any part of the universe, as well as destroy it entirely, which is part of the Phoenix’s purpose: “The Judgment of the Phoenix”, to burn away the obsolete. The Phoenix Force is described as being “the embodiment of the very passion of Creation – the spark that gave life to the Universe, the flame that will ultimately consume it.””

Sounds like Marvel will use this to do a “52” on the 616, since the Phoenix is linked to the Omniverse. Since it gains its powers from the life essence of future generations, it could suck up all of the “future energy” of the 616 timeline to save humanity from a Big Threat, ending that timeline, rearranging deck chairs for a reboot/relaunch/redux/repeat/retcon.

The Phoenix Force could even go “Infinite” and wipe out ALL of the future timelines of all of the alternate universes to avert a Crisis. Perhaps an anti-Beyonder?

Hmm… Crisis on Infinite Earths was part of the Fiftieth Anniversary of DC Comics.
Fantastic Four #1 = November 1961 1961 + 50 = ….
(Which allows Marvel to promote the 50th anniversaries of their iconic heroes at the same time DC is marketing the 75th anniversaries of theirs… (March 1937 onward))

@Torsten: Marvel is not doing a reboot. At least not any time soon. (Yeah, yeah… the vehement denials of a Marvel reboot by the top brass is what you’d expect if they were going to secretly pull one off, but I tend to believe that they have nothing along those lines planned.)

The Phoenix Force would be a pretty good way to accomplish a reboot though. But then you’ve also got the Infinity Gauntlet, the Cosmic Cube, the Ultimate Nullifier, etc., etc.

If this is a line-wide reboot, I certainly hope someone’s going to pull out all those quotes Quesada and Brevoort shared about DC’s strategy reeking of desperation and only being good for a 1-time sales boost at the expense of the entire company’s history.

(Then again, it beats seeing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes beg Mephisto to reboot their universe into a happier place, after Spider-Man tells them how awesome Mephisto is for that kinda stuff.)

I wonder if Cap will allow the use of the Infinity Gauntlet to save Earth from the Pheonix Force.

I’m hoping it bonds with Squirrel Girl.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

This is about the Avengers crossover with X-Men, no?

It will be another New Avengers event taken from the X-books. That’s why they did stuff like House of M, so that everything would be about the New Avengers.

I wonder if this will be Marvel-Universe wide in its scope– and, if in the end, it will end up rebooting the entire Mainstream 616 Universe, hmm. This could prove to be interesting, though I’m sure it will be infuriating for certain longtime fans. We’ll see.

Seeing as how Marvel’s biggest huge event of all time was underwritten and parts of it seemed to never happen or something, I don’t want to read another big event from the same regime. These are the people who did One More Day and No More Mutants. Neither of those were good ideas to begin with. If I have to read another new event from these people where everything is different, but it’s not. No thanks. I’m leaving.


Hey Anonymous, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who notices that Marvel keeps pulling a “Rob Peter to pay Paul” with the X-Men and Avengers franchises. It’s sad and embarrassing that they’re willing to sacrifice a long time winning franchise just to build up another struggling and failing one!

Guess I have to care about this because i’m reading a few of the books it’ll probably affect. But man am I tired of Marvel’s “event leads into a status quo leads into an event leads into a status quo leads into an event…” thing. Especially when they interrupt a comic that was in mid-arc. But yeah, if Aaron is taking point on it, chances are it might actually be interesting.

Yeah, another bait and switch teaser about a massive event that will change…nothing really(“Fear Itself’? Feh. “Dark Avengers”? Unnecessary. “The Initiative”? Not a bad idea, but the premise wasn’t developed/explored enough, i.e., two years of showing just how this would’ve affected people’s lives. ‘Messiah War” and “Necrosha’? wearisome, with crappy artwork.) Enough cross-title events, they’re just Marvel’s desperate attempt at boosting their sales. How about just settling in and telling interesting stories for the next three or four years about interesting characters? Or is that too “Image” for Marvel to embrace?

See what I did there?

*sigh* I really hate that bird. -_-

Don’t mind jean coming back (only to end up in writer’s limbo, probably), just not that “retcon-bird”.

Great, more trash from Marvel. Just keep bringing those massive events till you go bust, Marvel.

Canucklehead hit the nail on the head but I do pray they bring back Jean Grey just to stomp (and I mean literally “Stomp”) Emma Frosts’ ass from here to forever and back again damnit!

If you saw the preview in Point One, it sure does hint at a reboot.

Phoenix wipes out a planet in a second turning it as white as a blank page, and then a flower blooms?

I’m probably wrong, but I’m going with reboot.

A live announcement? Really, Marvel? Just so you can tell us that your latest chicken**** “event” is going to exclude the X-Men and build up Bendis’ crappy Avengers? We’ll probably get Jessica Cage–Luke Cage’s wife –or Spider Woman as the new Phoenix. Hey, screw the legion of fans who want Jean Grey back. The kids’ll love Spider-Woman or Mockingbird as the Phoenix!


Heh heh. Wait. So now they’re teasing an announcement of an announcement to tease us us with a teaser announcing the teaser?

When do they find time to actually edit the books that they’re teasing and announcing… Oh. Right.

This announcement will be followed up by the canning of more staff.

given that every one who was able to tap into the phoenix force from rachel to hope wound up with the thing leaving them and now its returning odds are its either going to be jean back from the dead or maybe a new host who will prove to be a more evil version of dark phoenix though hope it means jean is back rising from the dead.

I feel a lot safer now. Clearly all this 2012 end of the world stuff is about the MARVEL universe.

If they bring Jean back, I will never ever read another Marvel book again. It was a mistake to bring her back in the whole original X-Factor launch (which could have been done with Madelyne Pryor imo) but Marvel had to ruin 3 great characters (Scott Summers, Jean Grey and Madelyne Pryor), and cheapen one of the greatest X-Men stories ever just because they thought it was a good idea at the time.

I agree with Doug. For me that was the end of liking Scott as a character.

Odd that the Phoenix is a different colour than the normal firebird.

How long has Jean been dead now?

Oh, and Rachel’s not the only one right? Nate and Nathan are Phoenix bait too.


I fart better ideas in my sleep than have been coming out of the House of Ideas these past few years. And that isn’t a boast, it actually makes me sad to say it. I’ve had more fun writing ideas and stories for my own take on the MU than reading about my favourite heroes, and that is a very sorry state of affairs, when people outside the company, and outside the industry care more about the characters and the medium than the people entrusted with breathing life into them. Why should people be expected to give a crap about comics when the prices keep going up while the quality keeps slipping? Do they want to run the medium into the ground?

A few thoughts:

616 Reboot seems a little unlikely, as the X-books did A LOT of work to retool the entire status quo (albeit, on a flimsy premise, but still…). Besides, that’s what they have the Ultimate Universe for – namely, new readers who aren’t as interested in decades-long continuity.

Yes, JRJR’s art is annoying. I actually enjoyed his work on Daredevil and the X-Men back in the ’80s, as well as his current Kick Ass stuff, but comic art has come so far and his recent Avengers work looked like it was done by Frank Miller on meth. Not Good.

Nova looks like a child, with his little T-rex arms and oversized head. The proportions on that pick are awful, but the coloring is spectacular.

As for the Phoenix Force, I don’t care if they bring back Jean or find another host. Just make it a new story and not just a bigger version of what has come before. Reuse PF if you need to, but some originality, please.

Don’t kill off characters just to prove that an enemy is tough and legitimately dangerous (“worfing”). This has become a serious cliche in entertainment recently, and is blatantly sloppy storytelling.

BRING BACK MARK MILLAR! He knows how to tantalize the readers!


JRJR: Of all the artists, why him??? Jim Cheung would’ve been perfect! That double spread is fricken awesome and poster-worthy!! How come there’s no mention of Frank Cho? I read somewhere that he was involved.

Phoenix Force: Is this a coloring error because this Phoenix is blue/white and not orange/yellow? Does this imply that there are more than one PF in the universe? Rachel exhibited the blue/white PF while on her recent cosmic adventures with the StarJammers, before it abandoning her soon after. So as of now, the potential hosts are Rachel, the Cuckoos, Quentin and Hope… interesting.

Dear Marvel..
i want JEAN GREY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

Maybe the Phoenix Force is appearing white because the last time Jean appeared in the comics she become the “White Phoenix of the Crown” which is the highest order that a person could obtain with the Phoenix Force. I’m assuming that Jean and the Phoenix Force have found nearly all or all of the missing fragments then since its returning.

And yes I would love Jean to come back.

Master of disguise

December 6, 2011 at 7:15 pm

I think Hope is Jean Grey in some way. There may be 2 possibilities for my theories. First, maybe she came from a Phoenix egg so it’s the reason why she has Phoenix manifestation. Or she is, again, a genetic manipulation from Mr Sinister. So if Hope is some kind a clone of Jean, then there is a good reason to point out that she may be the next “real” host for the Phoenix. But in both cases, Sinister got his reasons to want the baby. If Hope was from the Phoenix, Sinister would like to have the baby to make some experiment on her. And if Hope is from Sinister’s manipulation, what a better way to pretend something is important than letting your adversaries know that you want the baby too..

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