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Jim Lee designs Free Comic Book Day T-shirts

DC Comics has unveiled Jim Lee’s T-shirt design for Free Comic Book Day 2012 featuring the current lineup of the Justice League. The image is an homage to a classic Justice League of America illustration by José Luis García-López, which you can see below.

The T-shirts will be available for order in January’s Previews catalog, with proceeds benefiting promotional efforts for FCBD.



I like the original Garcia-Lopez/Giordano piece better. (Dick Giordano inked the art, which is from the 1980s licensing style guide)
It looks like a real group of people standing together and interacting, not an assemblage of individual shots composited together, like the Lee piece does. (why is Flash stepping on Cyborg’s foot?)

While the male and female body types on both are generic “superhero” bodies, Garcia-Lopez has the characters in more naturalistic, individualistic poses than Lee.

JLG-L>>>>>>Jim Lee

I think Jim needs to accept that he’s not a good designer. The costumes for the New 52 for the most part suck (even the Cully Hamner ones aren’t that good) and the JL costumes are just…horrid. All the samey nonsensical panels on the Batman, Superman, Flash and GL costumes drive me nuts. They suck me out of the story, I keep wondering WTF they are for, what purpose they serve.

I really, really want to not hate the New 52 thing. I have never been an either or guy, I like DC I like Marvel, I think the ‘sides’ thing is lame. My first comics experience was New Teen Titans reprints. I do not have anything against DC. I was Superman for Halloween when I was a kid. When I finally got into comics, I was drawn to Marvel, but my pull list was often 40/40/20. I like good comics, period. But most of the New 52 just falls flat on it’s face. Action Comics has veered into typical Morrison nonsense the ONLY book I think has been IMPROVED by all this is Wonder Woman*.

Really. The only book of the entire thing that has held up more than 2 issues is Wonder Woman.Even the ones I started out liking(Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Frankenstein) have gotten kinda blah. The bigger books are mostly a mess. Wasn’t there an issue of Batman where Batman and crew just stood around talking in tuxes. Sure felt like it.

And they keep switching up creative teams, why should I bother sticking around if no team gets time to do anything? And the costumes make it all worse. I don’t like these wonky designs. I want simple, clean lines, not random panels that draw my eye and make me wonder what the significance of these patterns are since they appear in a number of character’s costumes. And the collars, WTF is up with those v collars?

Eh. I just…wish they hadn’t confused it all with the half assed semi-reboot mess. And had stuck with classic costumes over 90s style redesigns.

And most of all, I wish they hadn’t fucked up the Teen Titans.

*Batwoman is good, but it’s virtually the same book it would have been if there had been no New 52.

Aquaman doesn’t look the slightest bit like Lee drew him before. No mutton chops, no jewelry. The perspective is off on the figures too. He phoned this in.

I would prefer a t-shirt of the José Luis García-López illustration, personally.

Okay, I was hesitant about dropping in a completely negative comment here, so I’m reassured that it isn’t just me. That drawing up there looks like a really, really off day by Lee.

Which, really, surprises me, as I normally think of Jim Lee as having high, high standards of precision and quality control as an artist.

José Luis García-López = MASTER :)

I’m sorry to add my voice to the chorus of naysayers, but it was indeed a really bad idea for Lee to try to homage Garcia-Lopez. JLGL is, quite simply, a master of comics art. While I like Jim Lee’s artwork alright on its own, it definitely suffers by comparison.

Simply put: I want to read a comic about the characters in the JLGL illustration, while I have already lost most of my interest in the people in Lee’s version. Of course, Geoff Johns is partly to blame for that, as well.

And, yes, the new designs are terrible, but they’ll go away soon. I have no doubt about that.

Ouch. Stacking Lee’s art so close to Garcia-Lopez’s (homage or no) really does a disservice to Lee. Much has been said about his design sensibility (most of it bad — WW looks like she is about to go wash her face) and it is really, really (REALLY) brought to the fore here.

José Luis García-López can draw rings around Jim Lee (along with pretty much any other artist in the industry).

It goes without saying that Jose Luis is a better artist than Jim and Jim would agree. Part of the problem is that Jim is trying to showcase each character a bit more than Jose did so space them out a bit more so they seem to look more like individual drawings more than a group interaction. Plus, Jim tends to draw things mostly from a straight on perspective so his camera angle/perspective isn’t as interesting as Jose’s. Lastly, even though he basically matched each charcter’s stand to the original Jim’s characters aren’t as “natualistic” as Jose’s and tend to look a bit more posed and stiff.

It’s not a bad illo but it suffers when compared to the original.

I much prefer the naturalistic poses in Garcia-Lopez’ image. And the colors are so wonderful: they’re not washed out and brownish. They’re lively, vibrant, the way color in superhero books should look like.

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