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Kerry Callen is brilliant, part two: animated comics covers

If Super Hero Thanksgiving isn’t enough to prove Kerry Callen’s awesomeness, his quartet of animated covers to classic comics ought to do the trick. Comics Alliance has the whole set, including The Amazing Spider-Man #33, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1, Iron Man #128, and this one, Justice League of America #6.

[Updated: See the comments below for the explanation, but my not linking directly to Callen’s blog where he originally posted these was an oversight on my part. I apologize.]



Those are great!! Especially the Spiderman one.


Just out of interest Michael, is there any particular reason why you didn’t link directly to Kerry’s blog?

Thanks for asking that, Martin. Normally, I would have, but a weird combination of things kept me from doing it this time. I saw them on Kerry’s blog via Google Reader when he first published them, but when I tried to click through to get a link, the post had been removed. I figured it was a mistake and that he was going to post them again later. The new post never hit my Reader, so when I saw them on Comics Alliance (and didn’t click all their links, unfortunately), I wrongly assumed that maybe he’d given the gifs to them as an exclusive or something.

Thanks to your asking the question, I took a second look at Comics Alliance’s post, followed the appropriate link and have updated the post above.

Thanks for the reply, Michael. I’m glad you took my question in the spirit it was intended.

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