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Liquid Comics launches Graphic India

Liquid Comics (formerly Virgin Comics) launched a new digital comics initiative last week called Graphic India. (Note: The site doesn’t work properly in Safari.)

Graphic India intends to be India’s premiere graphic novel platform and community, leveraging Liquid’s large library of high quality content created by Indian creators, while also aggressively commissioning and showcasing numerous original stories by India’s greatest new visionaries.

It’s a smart move, as India has a burgeoning comics market; Archie Comics recently set up an office there. The Graphic India website features an array of online comics, interviews, and feature articles, as well as a graphic novel competition designed to flush out new talent and, the Indian media site MediaNama speculates, rounding up a whole lot of intellectual property that can be leveraged in different directions:

According to a report from Livemint, all the writers of 20 specially commissioned graphic novels will be given contracts but the copyright for these novels will remain with Liquid Comics. We hence assume that the company will probably use the digital rights of these graphic novels to create additional revenue channels like digital movie rights, mobile rights and so on.

Indian creators who are contemplating signing those contracts would be well advised to Google “Tokyopop global manga” before continuing. Still, with titles like Mumbai Macguffin and Ramayan 3392AD, this site looks like it has some promise.



Judge Fred MANSON

December 5, 2011 at 10:20 am

It is cool to see that Liquid Comics is not dead at all. OK, the actual proposed titles are mainly from the old catalog of Virgin Comics (which books can be found at very low, low prices on the web) but it is a debut!!

As for the Safari web browser, I have not encountered any problems. I am on Safari 5.0.6 on OS 10.5.8 on a PPC G4 (yep, an “old” Apple Cube!!!). The Isuu app is working well (despite the lack of speed of my Wifi/b system…).

I hope to see more and more titles. Asian countries are the new hot points for comic books creators/creations. Malaysia, Philippines, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Shanghai, etc. These countries are the future. Radical Publishing has understand it since its debuts. As well as Virgin Comics before Radical.

The US market is so “cloisonné” to its own old, slow and beyond standards that it is losing more and more parts in the international comic books markets. And once the damages are done, it is very hard to grab point after point in this fast moving market.

Maybe it is time to the foreigners authors to quit the US publishers and build their own international publishing companies. One sample of this, are the sales rates: how a €17.00, 54 pages FC oversized HC GN (no ads) is doing its “classic” 700,000 at each new annual/bi-annual issue when a single US comic book from one of the “Big Twos” is acclaimed as a “success” with only more than 150,000+ copies sold at $3.99 (with a ton of ads in)??? Could you explain it to me???

I am more and more thinking that the American doesn’t know that there is a “living” world outside their borders… And it is moving very, very fast…

I want to tell you that years ago, I have wanted to go in the USA to start a penciler career because this country was the “Eldorado” for the comic books professionals… Now, it is really useless. The US comic books market is no more than a “local” one… Not interesting at all… It is declining, each year after year…

“I am more and more thinking that the American doesn’t know that there is a “living” world outside their borders…”

We Americans know there are comics in other countries. I just heard about this Tintin movie, and apparently there’s something called manga.

All kidding aside, I’d love to see Nabil Fawzi in some form in Action Comics.

Judge Fred MANSON

December 6, 2011 at 8:59 am

@Sandwich eater: OK, I should have said “a large part of American donuts-brain sized…”!! :P

Seriously, if the American comic book market doesn’t open its borders to all the huge amount of worldwide comic book industry: it will be dead soon…

As for other sample for a simple French HC OGN sold at €12.99, the average sales are near the 80,000 for the French language only. When the new French Asterix will be out, it will sell to 1,000,000+ in its French only version. It will only be sold near €8.95 (that’s the average sale price).

As for the manga market, you will be surprised to learn that France is the second biggest country of sales and printed titles, just behind… Japan!!!

So, as a Citizen of an Old Continent, living in an Old Country, among other Old European Countries, I am frankly smiling and laughing to the “Gigantic” sales for an American expensive comic book!!!!

Why expensive?? Because it is only in its standard 36-32 pages format, in a smaller size than its mainly international counterparts, printed on a cheap paper and with a ton of ads in it!!!!

Your “classic” $3.99 a floppy, is much more expensive than, like the weekly Disney’s Mickey Mouse Magazine sold at only €2.75 (or less) and printed in a magazine format, with a minimum of 80 pages each week (and more pages when its thrown in comic book collector section i include) on an excellent paper!!!

I do not speak to the Italian Disney’s weekly Topolino digest FC weekly comic book, sold at €2.70, with each time a free give away gadget and with only 120+ FC pages…

It is tie to the US market comic books industrials to learn how the world is going outside the sacro sanctum US borders!!!!!

Maybe your army should send some drones over our countries: you will learn a lot without rising your little finger and more, without thinking on how to apply these marketing policies… If only you know what “to think” is as a verb!!!! Yes, I assure you, it is a verb!!!!! It is in a dictionary!!!! You do not know what is a dictionary???…

Ahem… Fr the good of the World, buy a gun, buy dum-dum bullets, load your gun with these bullets: it is easy you have very simple drawings that a cow can understand too, point the canon of your loaded gun to your head and just press the trigger… It is noisy, gory, but I think simply enough for the average donuts-brain sized Americans…

If it is a lot harder to understand, we can greatly made especially for you a “How to DIY” DVD with American designed volunteers!!!!

Friendly yours,
Judge Fred MANSON

Have a nice day, Citizen. Please, die quickly, properly, and respect your environment. Do not use non recyclable plastic meat bag, do not use non recyclable lead bullet and non recyclable plastic and copper cartridge. Thank you for your attention.

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