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Nexus returns in Dark Horse Presents #12

Nexus by Steve Rude

This year was not only a challenging one for artist Steve Rude, but it also marked the 30th anniversary of his and Mike Baron’s Nexus. So it’s great that it is ending with a bit of good news for the artist — Dark Horse Comics announced this week that the Eisner Award-winning duo will bring their popular creation back to comics next May in Dark Horse Presents #12.

“Nexus has never been a stranger to different publishers. Last seen under the Rude Dude banner in 2009, Nexus has stayed in limbo, never quite knowing when to return, or if he ever would return. Things come together in strange ways. With the backing of Mike Richardson of Dark Horse Comics, Nexus will return to comics,” Rude said in a press release. “We especially look forward to the response of Nexus’s devoted fans, and thank them for the wonderful support and encouragement they’ve given us since the book’s debut in 1981!”

Nexus was first published in 1981 by Capital Comics. Since then, it’s been published by First Comics, Dark Horse and Rude’s own Rude Dude Productions. Dark Horse has collected most of the material in several archive editions.



I really hope Baron and Rude use this as an opportunity to reboot the story and start over from the beginning. There’s just too much backstory for new readers to have to navigate through.

I loved “Nexus” when I was in high school and college, and I read most of the series, but even I’m daunted by the thought of having to pick up in the middle of an irregularly published 30-year sprawling space opera. And the fact that the “archive” editions are so expensive (and probably half the stories aren’t even drawn by Rude) is a definite turn-off.

Good for Rude and Baron. I hope they take this opportunity to celebrate the character’s longevity and simply concentrate on telling an entertaining, accessible story. No need to reboot anything.

Mint City Comics

December 27, 2011 at 5:00 pm

I am ready for Nexus’ return! Being someone along for the ride since the Capital magazine days, I hope that the story is fresh, but at the same time accessible and enjoyable for those seeing Nexus for the first time. Good for Baron and Rude! Their stories of Horatio and gang filled a great part of my teenage and young adult years!

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