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Quote of the day | Mark Evanier on Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson

“What struck me in all the phone interviews was what a small fraction of Jerry’s life was getting covered. I don’t think most people realize how politically involved he was in issues of Free Speech (especially that of cartoonists) in countries where they don’t cotton to any kind of dissent. I don’t think most folks know how involved he was in the mid-seventies campaign to establish a credit line and pensions for Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster on Superman. Most folks know that Neal Adams spearheaded that campaign and his efforts were vital in making Time-Warner realize that a horrendous situation had to be rectified and put right. Not to take anything away from Neal but it was Jerry Robinson who negotiated with senior Time-Warner execs of behalf of Siegel and Shuster. It was Jerry who closed the deal.”

Mark Evanier, reflecting on the accomplishments of legendary artist Jerry Robinson,
who passed away Wednesday at age 89


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Seriously. In light of all of Robinson’s achievements, creating the Joker is is the least impressive. I don’t mean that as a slight. If the least impressive thing you did in your career was to create such a lasting figure in popular culture you did damn well for yourself. But let us also recognize that he went beyond that to help create the foundations of comics curation, helped spearhead creator’s rights, and helped free a political prisoner from torture.

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