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Stan Lee’s Super Seven gets a new name and a release date

Mighty 7

It’s been almost two years since A Squared Entertainment and Archie Comics announced they were teaming up with Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment to create a comic called Super Seven — not to be confused with the cartoon of the same name or the toy company with a similar name that filed suit for trademark infringement.

Now it looks like the project is finally going to see the light of day, although with a different name, as Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 is showing up on the Previews World site. The story involves seven aliens landing on Earth who are taught to be superheroes by Stan Lee himself. Alex Saviuk is penciling the book and drew both of its covers (You can find the variant cover for the book after the jump).

Look for it in March.




that might be cool.


This looks like it was conceived, written, drawn and colored more than 10 years ago. Stan, please man, just stop. Do cameos and nothing else.

Yeahhh!!! That’s Excelsior!!!!

And.. here are the January 2012 Preview order codes:

JAN12 0848 STAN LEES MIGHTY 7 #1 $2.99

They are already checked on my January 2012 order list!!!!

It reminds me of Dave Cockrum’s Futuriarns,

Curious who the audience is for a project like this. Are there still Stan Lee or Archie completists?

I don’t know about that, until I see the actual issue, I’m guessing this may be for both the standbys and the kids.


Seriously… Stan needs to just stop. I respect him for who he is, but the shit he’s been putting out or has been connected with has been utter garbage. 1960’s skills DO NOT translate to 2010’s skills. Even his company’s name, POW! Entertainment, emulates the specific stigma the comics community has been struggling to leave behind for decades. It just makes me sad. Please, Stan, stop embarrassing yourself and us with the attempts to actually write. Be the figurehead that you are and just bathe in your legendary status. *sigh*

Jeff: Here’s an idea: wait until the comic book is actually released before you flame it. And what exactly is a “2010 skill”? If half the shit I’ve found at my local comic store is your idea of brilliance( how about a freaking story that actually moves forward) , then maybe you should just shut up.

I have to agree with David. Shut up Jeff. Stan has earned his stripes. Wait for the issue to come out before you torch it. OK I agree reading aliens and seeing Bouncing Boy clone gives it a definite 60’s feel but that’s where comics were made and today’s world can thank Stan Lee for that. I will buy it just to check it out. Can’t be any worse than the garbage guys like Brian Bendis are putting out. Only Geoff Johns is being innovative in comics these days.

WTF is “2010 skill”? I actually like how “old school” and simple these characters look. Sometimes simplicity works. I prefer it like this than trying to make overly dark characters that kewl and badass so modern teens raised on Gears of War and “realistic” super hero movies can cream themselves.

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