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The Geof Darrow Superman cover that never was…will be

Remember that unpublished cover Geof Darrow drew for J. Michael Straczynski’s “Grounded” arc on Superman that we posted the other day? Remember Darrow saying to Inkstuds’ Robin McConnell that it never ran as a cover and that “it’ll never see the light of day” despite his “really nice guy” editor’s assurances to the contrary? Good news, Darrow fans: Both Darrow and DC confirm that the finished cover will appear in Superman: Grounded Vol. 2, on sale this Wednesday, Dec. 7. The crazy cat lady will get her time in the sun at last!



Nice, but what about the story behind it?

too bad it has Chris Roberson stories attached to it.

How about including the original Superman #712 issue by Roberson featuring the Superman character Sharif nee Sinbad? No? Oh, well …

It looks like that “cat lady” has 5 or 6 Dogs…

Just because Geof Darrow drew it, doesn’t mean its good enough to publish.

I like Geof more than the next guy, but if I were an editor, that cover would get purposefully over-looked.

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