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The Tick’s 100th issue to guest-star Invincible

Although the TV show and classic, classic cartoon series may be gone, The Tick comic series is still going strong. It’s 100th issue comes out in March, and according to Diamond’s Previews World website, it will feature a guest appearance by Invincible and his girlfriend, Atom Eve.

The pair of heroes are transported to The Tick’s universe to help him battle Chairface Chippendale and a “mysterious and menacing new villain who makes even Chairface look like an ordinary umbrella stand.” The 48-page issue will also include a 20-page recap of The Tick’s career.



I had no idea they still made Tick comics!

Ben Edlund just outright gave up on ever doing issue 13, didn’t he? It’s almost 20 years now since issue 12 came out. For a long time they kept up the facade of him doing it one day. After the cartoon was over. After the never-made animated movie. After he did Titan AE. After he did Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. After he did the live action Tick. After he worked on Angel. After he worked on several quickly-canceled shows. Then the Writer’s Guild strike hit Supernatural. Did he work on it then? Nah. It’s a shame he can’t even be bothered to write a final issue, leaving the sub-par Pseudo 13 to fill in the gap.

24 years. 100 issues. The Tick: A Commitment to Excellence.

Can’t wait to see Invincible fly straight through Chairface Chippendale, exploding him into a mist of blood, guts, and splinters.

I love the Tick cartoon and the live action series, but I’ve never read the comics. I’ve never seen the Tick at my local comic shop. In fact I did even know it was an ongoing series.

I seriously would like to see the Tick meet Freakazoid. That would be so awesome!

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