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Top Cow launches Pilot Season voting — and site crashes! (UPDATED)

Voting for Top Cow’s annual Pilot Season line of books is coming down the finish line, and from what happened earlier today we could be in for a photo finish. Checking this morning reveals that the site is down due to exceeding their bandwidth. The virtual voting booth is set to close on Sunday, Dec. 18, but with this delay in voting we might be seeing an extension of polling hours.

Assuming the window for voting re-opens, people will have a chance to vote for one of seven books released this year in Top Cow’s unique event.This year’s line-up was its most diverse yet in terms of story and creators, spanning sci-fi to dramatic with even some comedic moments. The seven titles are The Test, The Beauty, City of Refuge, Fleshdigger, Theory of Everything, Misdirection, Anonymous and Seraph.

Robot 6 reached out to Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik for comment, but have not heard back at the time of publication.

UPDATE: On Monday, Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik contacted Robot 6 to explain’s website crashing.

“ did go down to due to our bandwidth being exceeded several times in the last week,” Sablik explains. “We’ve increased our bandwidth several times with our current host, but the intensity of voting activity exceeded even our increased bandwidth capabilities. We are currently in the process of migrating to a new server which should provide a more stable solution to the problem. We should have an update on when the site will be back up shortly and once the site is live, we will be extending the first round of voting to compensate for the time the lost.”

Although Top Cow hasn’t revealed just how many votes it’s received yet, during the inaugural 2007 Pilot Season, they received 4.1 million votes.

“It’s just another example of how Pilot Season really engages comic fans and we’re thrilled at the passion fans are demonstrating trying to get their favorite Pilot Season title into the top 4 spots for the second round of voting. Even if it has caused some technical difficulties!”

Robot 6 will update you when comes back online and voting resumes.



Have any of these actually become a series?

That’s what the voting is for.

No, I think what he means is have any of the Pilot Season “seasons” turned into an actual series. I think Velocity did, but I don’t know how many issues it lasted (three?). I don’t know about any of the others.

The winner of the first Pilot Season was Velocity. They lined up the same creative team to do her series, then canceled it despite the team being ready to make issues. Then years later they brought on a different creative team to make just a mini series.
All of that is to say I see no reason to take any of their pilot season crap seriously when they don’t even deliver on the promise to make it into a series anyway. I’m not wasting my money on the pilot season issues that lead into absolutely nothing.

Agreed. I feel like it’s a total farce that nothing ever happens…

Twilight Guardian was released last year, and I just turned in the script for the third issue of 39 Minutes.

Still waiting for them to finish the 2009 Pilot Season. Either get Kirkman to get that last issue in or just start the contest with the 4 books that are already out.

No disrespect to you Mr Harms, but evidently Top Cow has dropped the ball, badly, multiple times regarding Pilot Season. Doesn’t really make the readers take it seriously or want to spend money on stuff that’s going nowhere. I guess they could turn it around by not letting it happen again and, hey, apologizing to the fans for their failures in the past.

I like the Pilot Season issues.Some cool 1 shot stories. Personally id rather read a 1shot story that’s good or is different than another Avengers or Xmen mini.

Did the book about the girl genius who starts a revolution ever come out?

Steve, no Genius hasn’t come out yet.

I’m sure it will, but we’ll have had 3 more years of Pilot Season occur first.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to jump in to address some concerns being voiced in this thread. Pilot Season has been going on since 2007. We’ve crowned five winners since then – in 2007, Cyblade and Velocity; in 2008, Twilight Guardian and Genius; and in 2010, 39 Minutes. Cyblade, Velocity and Twilight Guardian have been released. Genius is currently being completed and should see release in 2012. It was delayed (but never solicited) due to some personal complications in the life of one of the creators. As William Harms mentioned in his response, we’re currently working on the third issue of 39 Minutes and it will be released in 2012. In 2009, we did a special Pilot Season featuring properties all created by Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri. Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, the final book in that season (Hardcore) took much longer to complete than anyone anticipated. The issue is complete now and is currently being colored.

We’ve always believed that the quality of the project should come first and that the series should be completed prior to solicitation so that once we offer them out to retailers and fans they come out on time. We believe waiting to solicit projects like Genius and 39 Minutes until they are complete is the responsible thing to do and ultimately result in a better comic. Ideally, we’d love for the projects to be done right and quickly, but given the choice we err on the side of good over fast.

Take care,

Filip Sablik
Publisher Guy, Top Cow

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