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‘Two things I swore I would never write about': Abnett to write vampire/zombie comic for Vertigo

The New Deadwardians

Vertigo Comics announced today that writer Dan Abnett and artist I.N.J. Culbard will team up on an eight-issue miniseries titled The New Deadwardians, a comic set in post-Victorian England where the upper class voluntarily becomes vampires in order to escape the lower class, who have all become zombies.

“May I just confess that this is a story that involves both zombies and vampires, two things I swore I would never write about because they had both long since jumped the shark,” Abnett said in his pitch. “Then this idea came to me and wouldn’t leave me alone. Please be tolerant of the zombie-and-vampire-ness of this until you’ve heard me out. It’s essentially a detective story set in an alternate history England, circa 1900.”

Here’s how they described the book on the Vertigo blog:

Set in post-Victorian England, nearly everyone in the upper class has voluntarily become a vampire to escape the lower classes who are all zombies.

Thrust into this mayhem is Chief Inspector George Suttle, a lonely detective who’s got the slowest beat in London: investigating murders in a world where everyone is already dead!

But when the body of a young aristocrat washes up on the banks of the Thames, Suttle’s quest for the truth will take him from the darkest sewers to the gleaming halls of power, and reveal the rotten heart at the center of this strange world.

Abnett, of course, is one half of the DnA writing team with Andy Lanning, who together write Resurrection Man and New Mutants. Culbard has done work for Dark Horse and SelfMadeHero, a British publisher, including the adaptation of Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness that won a British Fantasy Award earlier this year.

The first issue comes out in March.



Abnett swore he’d never write about vampires or zombies, did he?

I wonder if he forgot about working on IDW’s first Infestation story. Or for that matter the in-the-long-ago Legion of the Damned storyline back in the days of the post-ZH Legion of Super-Heroes, which one could make a case for being a story about a bizarre form of living zombies and their brainhacked minions. But mostly Infestation.

Maybe he swore that AFTER he wrote Infestation? Because obviously hyperbole isn’t allowed in pitches or on the internet …

the only writer who could get me to read about vampires is Bram Stoker.

And zombies…jesus, god anyone…NO MORE.

Personally, I think this sounds like quite a lovely idea. I love the concept, I love the setting and I.N.J. Culbard is brilliant. His art on the Sherlock Holmes adaptations with Ian Edgington gives me great hope for this book. I was not aware that he had also illustrated an adaptation of “At The Mountains Of Madness”. I will be seeking that out, for sure.

Googam son of Goom

December 10, 2011 at 11:26 am

Holy Allegory! (well actually unholy given the subject matter). A clever idea. A new twist on a tired theme, but, and it’s a big but, ( and a pun to boot) theseundead have been done to death.

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