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Watch a holiday tribute to Calvin & Hobbes and Bill Watterson

If the season has you missing Bill Watterson’s Calvin & Hobbes — particularly, Calvin’s scenes of snowman carnage — you’re not alone. Jim Frommeyer and Teague Chrystie have created a wonderful short film called “A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas” that pays homage to those fondly remembered strips and delivers a touching message to their creator. For the curious, Frommeyer even walks us through the process.

(via Crave Online)



Cute. But I was really hoping for some stop motion snow goons.

Calvin and Hobbes-
Best. Comic. Strip. Ever.

Usually, I’m a bit tepid when it comes to Calvin and Hobbes tributes and homages, but this is pretty awesome.

I concur with Zach 100%.

Best. Strip. Ever.

Oh, how FUN! I LOVED these when I was a kid- especially seeing Calvin’s parents’ reactions. I always wondered why Calvin didn’t get more attention for his works of art- the kid was only 6, after all.

A little disappointed that these weren’t indeed made from snow, but what’re gonna do?

my fav is the guy swimming away from all those sharks!

Classic C’s imagination running wild

I donno why but Christmas reminds me of C&H :(

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