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Wolfman and Mandrake summon DC’s Night Force

Night Force #1, by Leonardo Manco

Veteran writer Marv Wolfman will return to Wintersgate Manor in March when he teams with artist Tom Mandrake on a seven-issue Night Force miniseries for DC Comics.

Created by Wolfman and the late Gene Colan, Night Force debuted in 1982 as a loose-knit group assembled by the sorcerer Baron Winters to battle supernatural threats. Members included the psychic Vanessa Van Helsing, granddaughter of Dracula’s nemesis, her reporter husband Jack Gold, parapsychology professor Donovan Caine, and ancient warrior Zadok Grimm. Night Force ran for 14 issues from 1982 to 1983, and was briefly resurrected in 1996.

“Because of the ability to write truly intense horror stories that allowed me to go anywhere I wanted, Night Force has always been my favorite creation,” Wolfman told DC’s Source blog. “This new Night Force story takes place over hundreds of years, but happens in the space of minutes. It is about a frightened young woman, the product of many generations of secret manipulations, a cop who is about to retire from the force and a cold case investigated by his dead FBI father many years before, a mysterious cult that is affecting the future but began on the night George Washington died, and a secret that will change the course of mankind forever.”

Night Force #1 debuts March 1.

Art from Night Force #1, by Tom Mandrake

Baron Winters, by Tom Mandrake



Well. The Baron’s gotten a shave.

If it were 80s I’d be excited. But since it’s 2012 and Wolfman hasn’t written anything readable for 30 years I think I’ll pass.

I’d give any work by Marv Wolfman a shot.

this sounds great! i hope it becomes an ongoing series.

Night Force was one of my favourite DC series from the 80s. brilliant book

Baron Winters looks like NYC writer/commentator Dana Vachon.

its a good thing that DC is commited to bringing in new readers with these fresh new concepts and creative teams

“If it were 80s I’d be excited. But since it’s 2012 and Wolfman hasn’t written anything readable for 30 years I think I’ll pass.”

Guess you didn’t read the short-lived “Night Force” revival in the mid-’90s, then. Decent book that deserved more of a shot than it got.

Given the strength of all the other supernatural/horror books at DC currently, I’m willing to give this a shot. I’ve never read any of the other series, but this seems right up my street.

Wolfman the creator… check…
Mandrake one of the most underrated artist out there check
7 issues……. hurmmm…… this needs to be on ongoing….

[i was just thinking the other day how i dont like the title of Justice League Dark. and thought that Dark Force or Dark Force would have been a great name for it… and would love to see the Baron in it…

and then this ,Nice move DC.

Can’t wait. Loved Night Force in the ’80s. Love Wolfman His Nightwing from a few years back was a great read as well.

this could be a sleeper hit if people aren’t prejudiced against the age of the creative team!

I loved both incarnations of NIGHT FORCE and will gladly give this third series a try.

Mandrake?? Sold.

For me I will give this a try. I love Mandrake and Night Force is some of my favorite Marv Wolfman stories.

I’m curious as to what distinguishes this from Justice League Dark.

I love Mandrake but I’d rather have him on JLD, to be honest.

That books needs a good artist.

Let’s see if this does well enough to bring the Night Force HC back from the dead.

I get it just for that last picture. I want to eat that picture. Ive never read Night Force but this looks more interesting than any other mini series out right now. Other than Shade and The Ray of course.

Wait!!!!! I was a HUGE fan of Night Force fan! Love the series and limited series. Have re-read them multiple times.

But why change the look of Baron Winter???? He kinda had a Jonathan Frid/Barnabas Collins vibe goin in the original series! I liked that!!!

But I will be on board!

One of my all time favorites ever! The 1996 series was disappointing, but I will certainly be aboard for this. I like what I’m seeing so far. That first page is very reminiscent of the original.

Let’s see if this does well enough to bring the Night Force HC back from the dead. Yes oh so much ! DC better publish that……………. or I’ll be sad :(

Best news I’ve heard on the comics front in a long time! The last two series have always been among my favorites and Mandrake is a perfect succesor to Colan. I can’t wait!

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