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Atomic Robo rolls a critical success, gets RPG

Atomic Robo: The RPGAtomic Robo writer Brian Clevinger announced that he and artist Scott Wegener have joined forces with Evil Hat Productions to create a role-playing game based on everyone’s favorite Tesla robot.

Clevinger writes, “It’s probably a sad statement about our business savvy that most creators can talk about their projects in terms of the movie deals they’re bound to get. Scott and I? Even before the first issue came out, all we wanted was a tabletop roleplaying game. Y’know, because comics just wasn’t niche enough.”

The game will use a variation on the FATE system, modified by game designer Mike Olson. MTV Geek offers a couple more details, stating that this is an early announcement and that the game is still in development. It will likely be released later this year or early in 2013.



Awesome! Been a fan since it’s beginning.

Hope it doesn’t cause a delay in the comics like the Mouse Guard RPG caused.

How fittingly appropriate. The writer of a parody of the first Final Fantasy game will have his comic adapted into an RPG. If vindicative history is any indication, there’ll be a parodic comic of Atomic Robo twenty years in the future.

And by twenty years, I assume three months after the game sprites are available on the internet.

Joe H: There will be no delays. I’m already about 8 months ahead of schedule on Robo scripts, and my involvement with the game is unlikely to eclipse opportunities for maintaining that buffer.

DeBT: I think you’re confused about what RPG means in this context.

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