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Ben Caldwell to visit the Fourth World?

Ben Caldwell (Wednesday Comics, The Dare Detectives) posted a sneak peek at some projects he’s got coming up this year, including the above, censored image labeled, “apokolips, baby!” That should make some New Gods fans happy. Or at least some Ben Caldwell fans eager to see him do more work at DC.



Yeah, you can see that is Granny Goodness talking to someone, with a child kneeling/groveling at her feet.

Um. Awesome.

Multiversity, maybe? Or better yet, something else?

Gosh, I hope a good writer is attached!!

Please let this be for real!

I’m going to let rampant speculation take hold here and theorize that we’re seeing young Scott Free there on the ground kneeling. Perhaps an origin story?!

We need a good Mr. Miracle/New Gods book. Badly.

I hope he doesn’t go with that awful Jim Lee redesign of Darkseid.

Hum. He did the Wednesday Comics Wonder Woman, right?

I know it was pretty roundly panned, but I liked it — or at least liked what he was TRYING to do with it. It wasn’t always easy to read, and it wasn’t exactly a classic WW story, but he played with the format in ways that other artists didn’t and I was intrigued by his ideas. I’d rather see somebody try something innovative and miss the mark than paint comfortably in the lines.

Any Fourth World is great.

I too liked what Ben Caldwell was trying to accomplish. If anything, he should’ve backed off breaking everything into too many ittsy bittsy panels.

Ben Caldwell is one of the solid artists that doesn’t have a regular job. Any aspiring artists should check out his drawing instruction books.

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