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Bill Sienkiewicz covers Godzilla for Criterion

Like all giant monster fans, I’ve been excited about the Criterion release of the original Godzilla, but I somehow missed that Bill Sienkiewicz painted the cover for it. Apparently there’s been some controversy about his depiction’s being more 2002 than 1954, but Criterion responded that while “we can see why some viewers consider it to be more akin to the 2002 incarnation of Godzilla because the back plates seem more sharp-pointed and jagged than the curved tips of the ‘54 original, for example, or the tail tapers more to a point,” the design isn’t actually all that much like the more recent version either and ultimately, simply reflects Sienkiewicz’ “personal [though Toho-approved] vision of the creature.”

According to Trouble With Comics, Sienkiewicz also provided black-and-white illustrations for the Blu-Ray booklet.

(via The Comics Reporter)



Man, people need to take a chill if this is something worth complaining about .
It’s BILL FREAKIN’ SIENKIEWICZ for Gojira sakes!

That needs to be a poster. NEEDS to be.

If anything, my complaint would be that the first Godzilla movie has this sort of eerie, despairing tone that I don’t think this image captures.

Actually, when you open the box up there’s a “pop-up” of another illustration of Godzilla. And that’s the one that’s being placed under scrutiny. It absolutely represents the 2002 Godzilla. Hell, you could use it as a police sketch to pull Millenium Godzilla out of a line of all the other Godzillas. And Criterion’s explanation is lame and it seems they don’t know what they’re talking about. Forget the fact that the spikes are pointed like 2002 Godzilla, his entire head and “face” is unmistakably 2002 Godzilla.

Brendan T (@TheUnholyDragon)

January 27, 2012 at 2:20 pm

The design of that logo is remarkably similar to that of Viking by Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein. Wonder who designed it.

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