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Captain Kirk is a jerk: New Star Trek parody comic boldly goes there

Although it originated on the television air waves, Star Trek has boldy gone to a number of mediums, including comics. But this new voyage is taking it in a more harrowing — and humorous — direction.

Writer Kevin Church and artist Ming Doyle recently kicked off a Star Trek parody webcomic titled Boldly Gone, centers on a lesser-known Starfleet vessel, the U.S.S Mandela, during the time of the original Star Trek series. Following up from their previous series The Loneliest Astronauts, Church and Doyle’s new work sees Captain Paul Meredith writhing and griping in the shadow of the illustrious James T. Kirk. Remember how Shatner vamped so much during the TV show? Imagine how other captains would feel about that. Here’s a sample:

The duo tentatively plan to release new strips biweekly.



CBS will sue this into oblivion. I mean, if they sued over an iPad app that simulated a PADD, they’ll be all over this.

Chris, thanks so much for the link.

Paul, the difference between the iPad app and a free webcomic with no advertising seems to be whether or not any money is being made from the use of their IP. See also: Star Trek: Phase 2, a series of full-length episodes featuring Kirk and the rest of the TOS crew.

I hope it’s not sued.
I find it funny, just imagine the adventures they will be having but never achieving anything remotely as recognition as being famous.
I liked it.
Thanks for posting.

I think the PADD app got sued because they wanted to put out their own app, which I believe is now available, but I haven’t checked. I wish I could have gotten the original PADD app before they removed it. I’m willing to bet that those tablets everyone carried around in Star Trek are what inspired the ipad in the first place.

Hilarious! I parodied Star Trek in my first novel, but changed the names of everything related, because I didn’t want to get sued. I found it to be more fun that way, anyway. Well done!

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