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Comics Field Trip: Charlotte’s Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find

Dustin Harbin: "No Time for Tim"

This weekend, I made my way up to Charlotte, N.C., to catch up with my pals Johanna Draper Carlson and KC Carlson, who also drove down to attend the 35th Anniversary of the Charlotte MiniCon. I enjoyed attending the Minicon (seeing folks like the always photogenic and hilarious Dustin Harbin [yeah, I had to photograph him…again], as well as Jason Latour, Matt Wilson, Bridgit Scheide and Rich Barrett). Yet as I was in the middle of having fun, I realized I wanted to enjoy it as a consumer, not cover it as a journalist. So if you are looking for coverage of the Minicon, I highly recommend Johanna’s coverage over at Comics Worth Reading.

That being said, I could not go to Charlotte and not take some pictures. Despite the fact I have attended HeroesCon for the past several years, I have never shopped at the legendary retail store, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find. Until this past Sunday. Here’s the evidence of my fun.

The shot where I show I can cross a street for a photo.

KC Carlson indulges my request for a peek-a-boo game. (Mary Jane Watson by Adam Hughes)

Price check under the giant Spidey!

Doc Ock makes sure no one messes with the cash register

My favorite art in the store (Superman by the late great Mike Wieringo)

I did not take pictures of my purchases, but I was able to score copies of the first few issues of Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising, as well as X-9 Secret Agent Corrigan Volume 3 by Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson.



Great to see Heroes being featured here. I am a local resident of Charlotte and it’s such an awesome place to visit. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Highly anticipating this years HeroesCon!

I was working in Charlotte last year and had a few hours to kill before catching my flight home. Checked this store out, and so glad I did. A really well-kept store – spacious, clean and well organized. Will definitely be back the next time I’m in town.

I’ve only been to Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find once, but I spent waaayyyy too much money there because they had a ton of great stuff that I had been looking for. I can’t wait for the chance to go back.

Ever since they tried to unload $300 worth of comics that weren’t on my list in my bag, our relationship soured.
Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find but neither is Herpes and I don’t want that either.

There are other comic shops in the Charlotte area.

I’m sure there are, Mr. or Ms. Mama. But this is the one I visited, given that it was mere blocks away from where the minicon was held. Feel free to tell me the other ones I should visit the next time I am in Charlotte.

Captain America

January 30, 2012 at 5:56 pm

I live near Charlotte and I go to Spandex City comic shop. They are a new store and pretty small but the owners are very nice and helpful. They also have a lounge area and host hero clix games once a week. They do summer camp and other fun stuff too.

On another note: I don’t know any local comic fans but would like to hang out with some people if anyone’s interested.

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