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DC collects Wonder Woman’s Twelve Labors

I Am Walter noticed that Amazon is taking pre-orders for a classic Wonder Woman story Wonder Woman: The Twelve Labors. The trade paperback collects Wonder Woman #212-222 and tells the story of her return to the Justice League shortly after regaining her powers in the early ’70s. Feeling unsure of herself, Wonder Woman asks the JLA to monitor her next 12 adventures to judge whether she still has what it takes to join the team. The collection is priced at $14.99 and scheduled for release on July 10. Check out Walter’s blog for a cover gallery of the collected issues.

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Ah, the Satellite League days… I’ve never read those issues but was always intrigued by the covers. This might be the first WW trade collection I ever get, mostly due to the classic JLA’s involvement.

Fun-fluff, I can’t wait. I’d love an introduction to the trades by a comics historian.

Yay!! While this wasn’t the greatest storyline, it was enjoyable and fun and was my first introduction to Wonder Woman. i’ll be getting this.

But…*gasp* who’ll take the minutes at the Super Meetings?

Yeah, I saw this last week on Amazon and pre-ordered it. A great price for some very hard to find issues.

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