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DC Comics alum Ron Perazza lands at comiXology

Ron Perazza, right, with Kwanza Johnson

Ron Perazza, who resigned in May as DC Entertainment’s vice president of online, has been named vice president-general manager of publisher and creative services for comiXology, the digital comics retailer and platform provider.

According to the announcement, he will work with co-founder John D. Roberts to develop “comiXology’s next generation publisher and creator tools.”

“There are only a handful of people in the comic book industry that have the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that Ron does, in taking comic books from the print to the digital world” Roberts said in a statement. “Ron will be instrumental in the creation of a stellar set of next generation tools for our current and future publishing partners. We are confident that Ron will help comiXology take comics to the next level.”

Perazza, who before his promotion in December 2010 was DC’s vice president of creative services, is best known for his role in overseeing the company’s online initiatives, including the defunct Zuda imprint. He reportedly left the company after changing his mind about moving from New York to Burbank, California, with DC’s administration, multimedia and digital-content operations. ComiXology is based in New York City.



Good to have you back, Ron.

Good for comiXology — Ron’s a stand-up guy, and infinitely creative.

Handful of people? Are there really that many people in the comic book industry that unskilled in format conversions? If they are hiring feel free to contact me I’ve been working on sequential art conversion to electronic format for over a year now…

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