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DC Comics’ new logo numbering mystery

DC Comics’ new logo was officially unveiled this morning, followed by the release of mockups showing how the “peel” design would appear on digital devices, collected editions and single issues. However, a closer look at the latter reveals a comics conundrum: a New 52 cover for Batman, with the current creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, is labeled as Issue 708, while George Perez’s Superman #1 cover is numbered somewhere between #700 and #709 (it’s partially obscured, making it difficult to tell). Here’s the thing — despite the New 52 covers, both of those issues were published before the New 52 was announced in July 2011.

Batman #708 was printed in March 2011 during David Hine and Guillem March’s run on the book. Any issue of Superman that begins with “#70_” would had to have been somewhere between June 2010 and March 2011, spanning J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Roberson’s runs. Assuming these are the numberings from March 2011, that would mean the final two issues should be Green Lantern #64 and Wonder Woman #609. Could this be a sign of the New 52 numbering being a last-minute change for DC? Or maybe DC wasn’t letting the outside firm in on its relaunch plans, which could indicate this logo has been in development since well before March.

Then again, it could just be a coincidence, but it is an odd oversight to present a new logo with numberings from issues that hit stores 10 months ago.

Whatever the case, it brings us to the question why the company didn’t roll out its new brand identity in late August, when it relaunched its entire line, or even last month, when it published a mammoth hardcover collecting all 52 first issues – one that now rests on shelves sporting the nearly seven-year-old “swoosh.”

DC’s “peel” logo will make its comics debut in March, when most of the covers presumably will bear the number 7.



I’d imagine they are rolling the logos out now and not at the start for publicity reasons. They already had people talking at the start of the relaunch. Books have been out for a while now, it’s not as fresh or being talked about. Introduce new logos and boom, everyone is talking the relaunch again.

I lean toward the outside firm not being let in on the renumbering scheme.From what I’ve seen the various creators and editors had to sign a non disclosure agreement about the New 52 plans and if this has been in the works for awhile, if the designs were not done in-house, it’d be odd to share all their business plans with an outsider.

That actually looks pretty good in use. The color-coding of the new DC colophon to the cover is a nice touch.

These are just cover mock-ups. The numbers are only there to show the look and placement of the new logo. Thought it would be obvious since they used all old covers.


They’re faaaakes!

Wow, and I thought DC’s last logo was hideous.

Matt: Except who launches a new brand identity six months after a major launch of new product. That would be like Apple announcing an entirely new line of iPods, then six months later announcing a complete rebranding of their company mid-way through production and sell-through of this new product line of iPods.

The Superman DC logo character pic also shows Supes in the old costume. DC has major PR issues, lol.

Not a fan of the logo, having said that I care more about what is inside the book than in the top left corner. As for the numbering I am fairly confident the above photo is nothing more than a “mock-up.”

I talked to someone at DC. It was a mock up, that’s all. No mystery, No number change.

What a horrible new logo. Well, not (completely) horrible…it’s just boring. I liked the old one better. Did they do any kind of public polling before settling on a new logo, or was this just an in-house thing?

Seems like someone else unleashed a new logo last year that received a bit of public outcry saying it didn’t fit the company so well at all…

Whatever the case, it’s an ugly, unclear, and just plain bad logo. Period.

Still looks like a Pokeball to me. Especially the Wonder Woman one.


Also, when you blow-up the photo you’ll notice the date under the obviously mocked-up number on Batman is “MAY ’12”. Additionally that cover of Superman is New 52 #1, the Wonder Woman is New 52 #3, and the GL and Batman are something or other I don’t remember, but certainly prior to the mocked-up May date.

As someone who’s done his fair share of mock-ups, there’s probably no other significance to the numbers beyond demonstrating the look. If you examine the upper right hand side of the page, the number looks better and cleared as a triple digit denomination, so it would be the best way to showcase a new layout.

I blame Brevoort.

Reginald Anderson

January 19, 2012 at 5:38 pm

I miss the current DC logo.

Not a student of marketing by any stretch, but honestly, this logo tells you nothing. Unless I knew Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman were DC books, i would not know who published these books. The only legible character in the logo is the C. Heck, it actually looks like the old Continuity Comics logo. Did DC buy Neal’s old company?

Nataniel Costard

January 19, 2012 at 6:52 pm

Could somebody please just peel that little piece of paper off that logo???? it´s driving me craaaaazyy!!!

That’s not pealing – that;s a page turning :)

Who really cares what they use? It’s what’s inside that is important. Much ado about nothing. By the way, that IS the current Superman costume as seen on Superman #1.

I can’t imagine how they will draw Jonnie DC now…assuming Ambush Bug ever actually digs her up.

Does anyone at DC ENJOY working at DC?

“Peel Slowly And See”

The reboot really stinks and they changed the logo, which was a dumb idea, it was fine the way it was before.
It stinks in so many ways, it’s not even funny. At this point, i actually miss the real DCU.

The OLD LOGO is the best.THIS NEW DOESNT MATCH ANY GRAPHIC STANDARDS EXCEPT ONE: SOMEBODY’S FULL WALLET! Meet new comics book authors worlwide, publish unpublished yet instead!

I still think the new DC logo is crappy, like really crappy. I enjoyed the new 52, I am buying way more DC books that I was before. This logo is a lazy design.

If this was a mock up they probably just used old issues to show the logo in action. It’s a common practice, people use old projects that have something that represents a challenge they show as the mock. It seems to me like they wanted to show what the logo would look like on different coloured backgrounds and they probably just wanted to use their flagship titles to illustrate this. I don’t think this was some grand scheme or some numbering error.

Revisionist history? They’re trying to change the past to make it appear that these logos have ALWAYS existed, despite all the previous logos on old comics, and a simple search function on the web. That way, they can brush away any complaints to the new logo.

Logo Baaaaaaddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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