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Details emerge on Free Comic Book Day offerings for DC Comics, Image

DC Comics: The New 52

When the 2012 Free Comic Book Day line-up was announced, some folks mistakenly assumed that gold-level offering, DC Comics: The New 52 Special Edition would simply be a reprint of previously published material. As revealed on The Source today, that’s not the case.

The comic will feature “art by legendary illustrator Jim Lee and other top talents” and will “include a new story by New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns.” In addition, the book will also include previews of DC’s second wave of New 52 titles, including Batman Incorporated, Dial H, Earth 2, G.I. Combat, The Ravagers and Worlds’ Finest. They also say to stay tuned for “more surprises to come.”

In addition, the Free Comic Book Day site also has more information and a preview from Image 20, the 20th anniversary anthology of “six, all-new original stories promoting upcoming Image Comics titles.” Two of the titles will be Revival by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, which you can preview on the site, as well as G-Man by Chris Giarrusso. The other stories will be announced at a later date.

The FCBD site also has previews from several other FCBD titles, including Oni’s Yo Gabba Gabba and Bad Medicine titles, and Viz’s Voltron Force, among others, so head over there if you want to check them out early.

Update: Apparently I misread the initial post and thought Jim Lee was drawing the new Geoff Johns story, but based on Brian Hibbs’ response in the comments section below, that may or may not be the case. I’ve updated the post above.



Who’s going to fill in for Jim Lee on this book?

If he starts right now, he may have the four or five pages done in time;)

“The comic will include a new story by the Justice League team of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee”

Go parse that again, JK — it doesn’t say any such thing that I can see. It mentions art by Jim Lee (though it doesn’t specify “new” art), and the clause is constructed in such a way that the ISSUE has art by Jim, not Geoff’s story:

“Featuring art by legendary illustrator Jim Lee and other top talents, DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 FCBD EDITION will include a new story by New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns.”


Ah, good point, Brian … I was reading it as the new story having art by Jim Lee. But you’re right, the way it’s written, it could simply be a pin-up or a sketch or what have you in the book itself. I’ll update the post.

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