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Exclusive Preview | Winter Soldier #1

Marvel has provided Robot 6 with an exclusive first look at February’s Winter Soldier #1, by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice. Officially announced in early November, the ongoing series stars Bucky Barnes and Black Widow as what Brubaker describes as “a bit like the Mr. & Mrs. Smith team,” with Nick Fury as a member of the supporting cast.

An espionage thriller, the comic launches out of the revelation that the Russians created other Winter Soldier-like sleeper agents, and will feature new villains linked to Bucky’s Cold War history.

Check out the preview pages and solicitation text below. Winter Soldier #1 goes on sale Feb. 1.

• Winter Soldier and Black Widow are the super-spies of the Marvel U!
• Ex-Russian Sleeper Agents awaken, but under who’s control?
• Is that Dr. Doom? Uh oh.
32 PGS./Rated T+ – $2.99



I’m so glad his death was a ruse. Pumped for more Brubaker/Bucky/Black Widow.

Especially with Guice on board.

glad it will be $2.99. looking forward to this.

My most anticipated comic of 2012 and only a month to go!

This looks so good. I love the visual approach Butch Guice is taking for this book. Combine that with Ed Brubaker writing a cool espionage story starring Winter Soldier/Bucky, Black Widow, and cameos from Fury, and this is an instant buy for me. I can’t wait to get a hold of if.

So no mullet now then?

The book that most fans DID NOT ask for. The unimpressive (and falling) sales of CAPTAIN AMERICA & BUCKY is proof that the current comic book market (a) can’t support more then one monthly CAP book and (b) most fans have no interest in reading about the continuing adventures of Bucky.

Not that it’s important, but he never sported a mullet. A mulllet is hair that is long at the back and short on the top and sides of the head.

I trust Brubacker with these characters and I love the renders that Butch Juice pulls off.

Cannot wait!!!

@ Blade X

That’s a pretty stupid statement – if you’re a FAN of Bucky/ Winter Soldier of course you would have been hoping/ asking for this title. I’m a fan of both Captain America titles AND will happily purchase this title as well.. When Bucky “died” I knew a title was on the way – at first I was expecting him to take over the Captain America and Bucky title, but now I’m assuming soon the Captain America title will be absorbed into the Captain America and Bucky title and renamed “Captain America”

As far as I’m concerned I would prefer more Captain America related titles than Deadpool, X-Men, and Wolverine. Will I be surprised if it gets cancelled? No of course not – ’cause there are plenty of negative nanny’s out there like yourself who would prefer to rant and rave than pick up a quality title. Sucks to be you.

Only new Marvel series I’m looking forward to in 2012 and that I’m confident will not be canned in 8 months.

Blade X, look at the comments.
I beg to differ.

Are people thinking of Nomad when they talk about him having a mullet?

@Blade X
Not to jump on the bandwaggon in pointing out the incorrectness of your comment, but the Cap and Bucky title doesn’t have much to do with how well this will sell. That book is a period piece about a pre-Winter Soldier Bucky. True, people don’t seem to want to read about Bucky’s war years, but he’s gone through a hell of a ringer since then, and a book about the Winter Soldier will be about a much different version of the character. I’ve been avoiding the Cap and Bucky title simply because it isn’t about the Winter Soldier. Personally I’m very much on board for this, and judging from these comments plenty of other people are too.

Awesome preview by the way!

Read Cap & Bucky! For God’s sake it’s got Chris Samnee and Francesco Francavilla on art! Also looking forward to Winter Soldier.

13 people posting on a message board saying that they want to read an ongoing Bucky/Winter Soldier series set in the present day is no where near enough proof that there is a great “demand” for this series by most comic book buyers. I guess we will have to wait and see whether or not I’m right about this one.

Guice continues to evolve as a penciller.

@Jamie – lol – you can already tell it’s a “quality title” just by a couple of wordless preview pages??

When Winter Soldier was first introduced in the pages of Brubaker’s Captain America, the entire comics world was talking about him. First, in terms of “They brought back Bucky!” — but then, in terms of “Whoa, Winter Soldier is cool!”

While Winter Soldier is technically a rebooted existing character, for all intents and purposes he was a NEW character in the Marvel Universe. Perhaps the first since Wolverine and Deadpool to create such a positive buzz. Marvel fans who were dying for Marvel to give them a new character they could get excited about could finally rejoice — as could Brubaker. He’d succeeded where so many before him have failed.

So great was the buzz on this character that he even made it into the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game. A major feat considering the short amount of time he’d been around.

And just when the buzz around the character was at its peak — when it was time to strike, and give him his own book, preferably penned by Brubaker himself until the character’s foundations became more solid — Marvel pulled the trigger…

…and put him in the Captain Amerca costume.

For all intents and purposes, Winter Soldier was dead, because Marvel decided it wanted a Captain America while Steve Rogers was on the shelf. Even though the Marvel Universe would have been better served without any Captain America during Rogers’ “death”. Even though it made absolutely no storyline sense for Winter Soldier to agree to put on the costume in the first place. Even though it was incredibly awkward watching this guy as a member of the Avengers, not to mention housing them at his pad, when none of them knew anything about him.

I gave Marvel the benefit of the doubt, there. I thought there might be some major master plan unfolding. That there was a yet-to-be revealed reason explaining why it had to be Winter Soldier that lost his identity to stand in for Cap. That there would be a big payoff in the end.

Nothing. He was a boring Captain America, and all the move did was remove TWO good players from the Marvel chess board instead of one. When Steve Rogers “died”, so did Winter Soldier.

How’d that work out? Are we better off sales-wise today than we were before decisions like these?

So now they’re bringing Winter Soldier back, and I can’t imagine how they hope to accomplish this without it making even LESS sense than it did to see him become Cap and join the Avengers.

The first new Marvel character in ages that people were finally ready to get behind, and Marvel basically pulls the plug on him.

Sorry Marvel, but this book is several years too late. The window of opportunity to turn Winter Soldier into the next Deadpool or Wolverine has opened and closed years ago.

Not saying Marvel can’t pull it off again… maybe they will… but it’ll be twice as hard now. Because people have now seen how badly Marvel can mis-read its readers. It’ll take more this time around to regenerate the same buzz. Not impossible — just much, much harder.

Good luck.

I absolutely can’t wait for this book!!

I agree this might have done better a couple of years ago. Still, I think it’s got a good chance. He’s still the coolest new character to come along in comics in ages.

Cap and Bucky is about Winter Soldier, the first arc anyways the second is about his replacement Fred

So beautiful. Can’t wait, as this may be my fav new book of the year.

Unfortunately I’ll have to enjoy it while it last, as I can’t imagine it lasting more than 18 issues or so. Stupid soft market …

I for one am greatly looking forward to Winter Soldier, because I love how Brubaker writes Bucky, and Guice’s art is amazing. But those of you avoiding Captain America & Bucky are missing out on a good book. IMO it’s better than the formal Cap comic.

For the record, I get both Cap comics. C&B has more heart.

Er, CA&B.

But doesn’t the fact that they threw in the towel on Winter Soldier when he was at his popularity’s peak send a message that Marvel doesn’t really know what they’re doing? That’s the part that keeps me from being excited about this. They botched this the same way they botched Sentry (long hair, short hair, crazy, not crazy, void, no void).

I mean, what did they THINK would happen with Sentry, handling him the way they did? “Hey, let’s create our own Superman, but here’s how he’ll be different : he’ll be dumb as a rock. And scared all the time. And he’ll have a wife for absolutely no good storyline reason. He won’t be funny, but we’ll make up for that with.. hmm.. let’s see.. oh yeah! DEMENTIA! How can our readers not get behind him?”

They all but made him ginger, for crying out loud.

Anyhow, sorry for the negativity. It just boggles the mind how they pissed away the gold they were holding with Winter Soldier when he was first introduced.

In Marvel’s defense, however, DC made the exact same mistake, and did it first, with Red Hood. By the time Countdown came along, Jason “Red Hood” Todd was a joke. Much like Bucky as Cap.

Both companies recently went “oh sh*t, what did we do?” and are trying to bring the characters back to what worked… but people like me won’t be easy to convince to get back on the train a second time.

Is Brubaker still writing sloppy and having the Black Widow, who was Russia’s top spy, a SHIELD agent, and former leader of the Avengers, not knowing that Buck.y was her lover James (rolls eyes)? Horrible writing. Brubaker long ago lost it.

Im on board for this book.I’d shave off an x or avengers title from my list for it if I have to.

@ Yumph

“@Jamie – lol – you can already tell it’s a “quality title” just by a couple of wordless preview pages??”

I’m assuming the quality of Winter Soldier based on the consistent quality of Brubaker’s Captain America, Captain America and Bucky, Secret Avengers, Daredevil, and The Marvel’s Project. I’ll throw in Sleepers as well. Brubaker has yet to dissapoint me.

You sound like you’re just trying to be a smug prat.

Laurence J Sinclair

January 2, 2012 at 2:38 am

The real pull for this is that it’s more Brubaker-written Doom. ‘Books of Doom’ was too good not to have more that.

Considering it is an Ed Brubaker book I won’t read it, despite I love Guice’ art, but with such a creative team, it seems obvious it won’t be canned in 8 months. That said, I really wish that one day, Winter Soldier will become the new 616 Nomad and lead the Secret Avengers. Bucky’s back and definitely has his audience, let’s make something of him.

another poster also suggested he’d prefer more Captain America’ related titles, I, in contrary hope he will extend his own supporting crew, I’d love to see Colonel America and American Eagle in his pages, as I saw them as two perfect replacing for Steve in case of he dies again..


I had many of the same complaints with Bucky Cap. I dropped the book shortly after Buck became Cap because I knew it wouldn’t be permanent and because I didn’t adore Bru’s Cap for Cap, I loved it for the Winter Soldier and the cold war stuff weaving in and out of the storylines.

I was not pleased about how these big marvel events essentially threw Brubacker’s Cap way off base: Civil War and the far worse Fear Itself.

I wanted a Winter Soldier comic, and with Bru and Guice on the case I will gladly be there. I have pretty much ignored/forgotten the whole Bucky Cap storyline and am eager to pick up with what should have been Bucky’s adventures after Cap restored his memories. Yeah, it’s been what, about five years maybe six? But I am more than glad to give this a shot. It’s what I wanted and I am glad to see that Marvel finally listened.

Bring it on guys.

Davey Boy Smith

January 2, 2012 at 6:28 am

I’m trade-waiting this as I’m unsure about Butch Guice being able to pull off a monthly schedule. His art is the main draw for me.

On another note, “Winter Soldier” is simply one of the coolest code-names ever. I wish I had the necessary credentials to go by that name.

Blade X. Sorry I think most people disagree with you. I think that most Marvel fans will buy any book that Ed Brubaker writes, especially something Cap related. Cap sales with Brubaker writing have actually been pretty steady. The #1 issue from the new series is always going to have high sales then usually decline a little after that. Cap will still remain one of Marvel’s very good sellers with Brubaker writing. If you’ve ever read Criminal or Sleeper, I feel like this series has the potential to feel like those. Both are fantastic reads!

I love the art…Guice has provided a Steranko look to this book though just not as free flow
I’m off Marvel titles but I might add this to the pull list just for the art.

@Jamie – no, I’m just disparaging the fanboy-ism of drooling over something before we even know if it is good or not. This kind of rabid loyalty to creators, instead of objectively critiquing each issue on its own, is a problem in modern comicdom.

A book I can look forward to adding. Love Winter Soldier Bucky more than Captain America Bucky.

Probably the best book of 2012!

Yeah, I’m picking up both Cap comics, and I’ thinking of dropping plain old Cap. CA&B is way better. This is cool, but if I check it out, it’ll be mostly for Black Widow. THAT’s a character that needs a solo series.

A little Guice makes everything better!


Support Bill Mantlo!

Yeah only 2.99 I am in. Glad I dropped all of those $4 dollar avengers books.

I really hate the jump split kick. All the artists who draw are disregarding basic physics with this move.

I’m not sure of the Black Widow inclusion. I was hoping James would be dipping into that deep darkness that his former title brings out. Then to force him deal it with again. Natasha would more then likely steer him clear of that path and be a too easy of a out for him if he does I mean when she is featured in the series. He should have a new female handler to be the eyes of which we rediscover The Winter Soldier through. That always worked for Cable.

I heard that the Dr. Doom who shows up in Winter Soldier ain’t the real Victor Von Doom… Can anybody explain this?

@ yumph

No – you’re just being a smug prat. Feel free to feel “superior” to all the “fanboys” out there. The fact that you’re accessing a comics-related website puts you in the same category you’re so intent on mocking. You know it, I know it, everyone here knows it.

In addition you’re making a lot of assumptions about many of the posters here. Personally, I have no rabid loyalty to Ed Brubaker (apart from Captain America related titles I haven’t bought anything else – I read Brubaker’s other stuff from the library.) However, I find it unlikely that this book will be “crap” as Brubaker IMO has a good track record of creating comics I like to read. However, if WS ends up being “crap” like many of the titles I have read in the past I will drop it.

It’s not uncommon for people to make an assumption about a product or a creator based on it’s/ their past performance or track record. Sometimes that assumption may be wrong, and in those cases you make a decision whether or not to purchase the item. That’s all I’m doing, and I’m sure many of the other “fanboys” here you seem intent on unsuccessfully trying to mock or judge.

Laurence J Sinclair

January 3, 2012 at 4:38 am

@ Carloshll726

It may be Kristoff, who was ruling Latveria in Victor’s stead while the latter was off with the Future Foundation.

@Blade X

If you don’t want to read the book…guess what, don’t read it. Stop spamming the post trying to force your taste on everyone.

I was one of those who felt bringing James back was ‘wrong’. Brubaker changed my mind on that.

I may not agree with his beliefs, but if Brubaker continues to write good stories, I’ll be there.

Look again, it’s not a jump split kick, it’s a crotch to the face and the bad guy is saying “Wha-Hey! Careful with that thing!” and reeling in terror.

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