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First Princeless collection to feature new Skullkickers crossover

Princeless/Skullkickers sketches

I’ve been meaning to check out Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin’s all-ages comic Princeless ever since reading an online review of it last month, and now it looks like my procrastination has paid off–Princeless: Save Yourself, the collection of the first volume, will include a new story featuring a Princeless/Skullkickers crossover by Skullkickers writer Jim Zubkavich and drawn by Goodwin.

You can see Goodwin’s sketches of the characters, from her Deviant Art site, above. The collection arrives in April.



M. Goodwin is actually a she just to point out.

bummer. will the new story be printed in the monthlies also or be available online? my concern is for readers like me who has supported the monthlies. I dont want to double dip and buy the whole tpb just to read the new story.

I believe the pages will be reprinted in the pages of Skullkickers, exar.

We plan to print it in Skullkickers #13 (or 14 if we run out of pages…. is 13 is absolutely packed with content to celebrate our 3rd arc beginning!)

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