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Fox affiliate targets DC for ‘using sex and violence to sell’

Nearly five months after the debut of DC Comics’ “New 52,” the Washington, D.C., Fox affiliate has taken aim at the “edgy makeover,” zeroing in on the controversial first issues of Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws.

For the Fox report, titled “Relaunched Comics Using Sex and Violence to Sell” on the affiliate’s website, correspondent Sherri Ly turns to child psychologist Neil Bernstein, who characterizes the much-discussed sex scene between Batman and Catwoman as, “sort of like a fictionalized Playboy for kids at its worst.”

He goes on to suggest the comic may pose a danger to young readers, as overexposure to sex and violence could encourage aggression. Yes, really. “I think too many kids would be put in harm’s way or at risk,” he said.

Bernstein also dissects Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, in which Starfire propositions Roy Harper for sex, later saying, “Love has nothing to do with it.” “We want our kids to think sex is an act between two consenting mature individuals who care deeply for one another,” he says. “That doesn’t really come across and it’s too easily to misconstrue things particularly for a kid.”

And to underscore just how dangerous and easily misconstrued the comics are, Ly … went to a local middle school, and showed them to some children. Sherri Ly and Fox 5: putting kids in harm’s way?

While it can be, and certainly has been, argued that those issues of Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws are sexist, misogynistic or just downright bad, or that other comics in the DC relaunch have been gratuitously violent and gory, Fox 5 ratchets the debate to alarmist, Wertham-esque levels.

For further evidence, look no further than the promo for the report, which promised tips on “HOW TO K.O. THESE COMICS BEFORE THEY CORRUPT YOUR KIDS!” It’s that teaser that led the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund to release a retailer advisory on “how to manage a media attack,” which breaks down “how to deal with hostile cameras if they come to your store.”



Wow, a lil late to the party? Not enough dirt on the Republican Candidates? Forgot about Beyonce’s baby? They’re over Kim Kardashian?

So many bad jokes here about being tardy to the party to be had here…..

Apparently Fox news doesn’t watch what Fox TV puts on the air—sex and violence galore, though much more for the violence as a substitute for sex. Very healthy…

The problem is that no one outside of the companies who make comics and the readers understand that comics are not for kids anymore. The common perception continues to be that kids, and only kids, read comics. Or at best kids and nerds. And I don’t see that changing any time soon. To a lot of people, the notion that anyone over the age of 15 would want to read about super-heroes is absurd.

T+ much? Is reading comprehension too much for this Fox affiliate? Way to generalize an audience based on format instead of content.

Kids aren’t reading these and DC doesn’t want kids to read them. They’re trying to capture that collector’s market that made comics millions in the nineties while changing to books to better suit the films I no doubt believe they are developing. So they can market all of it more effectively. This is sad because this has always been the the thing that harms american mainstream comics. SInce they first appeared they have always toed the line between art and commerce. The biggest gripe with a lot of these shouldn’t be the ‘Edgy subject matter’ the gripe should be that they aren’t very good. It must have been a slow news day.

Who is that guy at the start lumping in homosexuality with adultery?

fox ever read a issue of faust or razor? they head would explode!

So the point of having ratings on the front of these books is what exactly? because clearly, all of these “experts” missed those very easy to see age recommendations. Once again, stop blaming the material that made it to audiences it wasn’t intended for, and maybe look into HOW they got it, and what education level the sales people and the kid’s PARENTS currently have. If you go around giving your kids whatever they want without looking at it first, the only person you can be mad at about it later is YOURSELF. It’s not DC’s fault.

I almost never see kids in the local comics shops, in fact I’m usually the youngest person in the shop when I go there. I wonder if this station went to any comic stores and observed if kids were buying the books.

Local news is filled with these kind of hysterical reports about something or other. Still, I’m surprised to see comics targeted. I thought video games were this generation’s primary “corrupting influence.”

When I was in middle school we read Macbeth and Oedipus in English class. If sex and violence were really that corrupting of an influence I don’t think they would have subjected 12 year-olds to violence, sex, and incest in school.

Hey Fox, Lost Girls is about Peter Pan and stuff. Can you please do a piece on how kids should buy it? Thx.

FOX and the people behind it are nothing but HYPOCRITES! They are complaining about the comics’ current fad yet their shows present more than that! And hey, what on earth that so-called psychologist doing there? Expressing his so-called “expert opinion” regarding that matter? I pity that “gentleman.” It seems that he never enjoys reading comics at all! GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ!

What about the female newscasters on Fox News? Their skirts are shorter day by day. These are a bunch of hypocrites. Comics are no longer for children are for teens and adults.

In order for a child to get this “sex and violence”… they need to steal their parents credit cards/money and possible hijack a mode of transportation… or they can just turn on FOX?

which one should we be more worried about?

I live in the DC area and have been seeing promos for this spot for the last week. Before watching it last night
I talked to the owner of my LCS who is a friend of Jared Smith, the owner of Big Planet Comics, the store featured in the Fox 5 piece. Smith claims he was contacted by Fox 5 to do a piece on the New 52 launch and not a piece on sex and violence. They did an hour long interview with Smith but isolated the only two comments he made about that issue and that’s what they ran with.

As slimey and unethical this report is, it’s more indicative of a local affilitate doing sensational stories for their upcomming sweeps period rather than an indictment of Fox News in general. To blame the entire Fox organization for this piece would be no different than what Fox 5 did to DC Comics.

Fox affiliates are not the same as Fox News, the network. Grow up, people.

…Paging Dr Wertham…

what a bunch of crap. could people in a America learn to deal with things, especially make believe things. I love how people rail against this kind of stuff but you know don’t mind a war here and there, or sit and watch football and UFC like its nothing. Get the hell over it. ITS NOT REAL you can have as much sex and violence in a comic and if the person reading has their head on straight its not big deal. Tale responsibility for your own actions America and stop blaming everything else for the crap you do and thoughts you have.

Funny thing is I have hated the miss representation of women in comic books for a long time, but as for violence and sexual scenes? Well to each there own. I (however) do not believe in censorship!

Unfortunately, comic books will always be thought of as something for kids, along with video games and cartoons, so they are judged on a different scale. The truth is, tv shows have worse content and it is much easier for young kids to get their hands on.

I swear, people look for anything to complain about. In case people need to be reminded for the millionth time…NOT ALL COMICS ARE FOR KIDS. They have series targeted at younger demographics just as they have some for older readers. I personally have never been bothered by it. I like that the stories aren’t all kid friendly.

The Ghost of Fredric Wertham is back with more hogwash! Run to the Senate! Prepare your hearings!

Good or bad, mainstream superhero comics are largely for adults. DC, Marvel, et al. have long been making comics for people who grew up reading comics. DC could make some of their fans happy by starting a children’s line and use the versions of their characters from their successful cartoons. Kid friendly titles like Young Justice are always shelved with more adult titles and there’s no way for uninformed parents to differentiate.

I think if Fox news had their way we’d get another U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency.

the biggest crime here is now poorly-done it is in the new 52

Ummm… she can get in trouble for showing kids the comics at any school. It has a rating on it and it is up to the PARENTS to decide if the comic is okay for thier kids to read or not. Not a news reporter trying to make her case point about a comic.

And to show you how bad these are for children, I’m going to give them to children.
If the reporter actually cared about her view point, and that’s what it is, a viewpoint, not an objective report, she wouldn’t hand them to kids to look at. This is sensationalist bs. It must be sweeps month for the network

yesterday I saw, for the first time in years, a kid under 12 in my local comic shop. He was sitting patiently playing his DS while is dad rifled through back issues

Since when have comics ever been for kids?

I don’t even work at the comic shop I go to, and even I would help point out where the actual kid-friendly books are.

In regards to Starfire: they are comparing the comics to a cartoon FOR KIDS!!! When Starfire first appeared in the comics, she was not unlike her current comic incarnation. She was even quite brutal. She has always been unrestrained about her appearance and activities. She’d kiss a total stranger in order to learn a new language. While living with Animal Man and his family, she’d walked around naked because she has no modesty.

In the cartoon, they made Starfire more modest by giving her the little mini-skirt and made Raven less modest by taking away her floor-length dress and putting her in a bodysuit which exposes her legs.

My main complaints about the “New 52″ is how much they changed characters and have them doing things out-of-character, like Batman and Catwoman getting busy on a rooftop. There is also a lot of inconsistency in the stories. In Teen Titans, it’s said that this is the first team of Titans but in Red Hood, Roy questions Starfire about back when they were Titans with Dick Grayson, which she doesn’t remember.

I was not in favor of this “New 52″ from the point they announced it. They are making changes for the sake of making changes. At my local comic store, we joke about how, in a couple of years, DC will realize the mistake and have a new Crisis event called “Crisis of Conscience” where they will restore things.

Wait..comics are published for kids?? LMAO That’s why The Punisher and Ghost Rider have been around for so long. That is just 2 quick characters that pop into my head.

I agree that Fox News should suck-it, but it is sad that there are not main titles aimed at youth, I know it would be hard for me and others around 30 who continue to read all these years but I do not remember when I was in middle school reading any of the mainstays that were on a level of Flash-point violence. Some argue that Marvel has a kids line, even DC has one too and personally one of my favorite comics is Uncanny X-Force, I go to the comic store every week or about, but as one person said above we are all around the same age in there, do what happens after we are too old to go into the comic book stor and have then shipped to our nursing homes? While it is the parents responsibility to check out what the kid is reading, and there is a code on the front of them all, how did we get to a poor where we even needed as many codes as we do today.

I am not in favor of what the news officiate has to say mostly because they are not one of us, but the basis of the argument kind of sticks around, when we say comics are not for kids, and while we are having amazing stories And artists and more where are the actual GOOd comics that I would want my teenager to read? Where is that next generation going to come from??

Sorry for preaching but as someone who buys 10 titles a month and multiple trades, just had to think about this one

Attacking comics and ginning up controversy for the sake of ratings….

Sort of like how this site is using the word Fox so prominently to gin up hits and comics from rapid knee jerk comic libs. “Faux News what’d you expect” Yeah, this type of story could never appear on the local affiliates of CBS, ABC or NBC… I doubt very much the news people working at this station in D.C. are conservatives.

Hey libs, I’d also bet money this psychologist votes the same way as you. (okay, I have no evidence, but a do-gooder working in one of the soft sciences, like I said I’d take the bet)

Perhaps the government should launch an investigatory committee to determine if comic books are going to turn youngsters into juvenile delinquents. Because that worked out so well in the 1950s.


I buy comics for my 10 year old brother and he even read watchmen, .it all depends on the person reading it because he is mad mature for his age and a great kid but I still make sure he reading more heroic books like batman and robin cause there’s a kid his age does superhero things so she can relate to it.

CBR – Your main page link to this story says “Fox News Affiliate”… I don’t think Fox News has affiliates. This would be an affiliate of Fox Broadcasting. It’s like how my local NBC station is not an MSNBC affiliate right? Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but I know CBR would want to be accurate, and not another hyper-ventilating entity when it comes to the one channel in the universe that doesn’t lean to the left.

I normally only tune in to fox for their Amazing footage of celebrities leaving restaurants lol

Perhaps fox should investigate sex and violence on fox.

Obviously, this is a smear piece on both comic books and the readers of them; pure and simple. Heaven forbid that they look at their own industry to see the same type of images during the “Primetime” hours of Broadcast TV and let’s face it – TV is much more accessible for kids than comic books. Also, FOX 5 is usually at the bottom of the Metro DC ratings and they are trying anything and everything to get viewers – the truth be damned!

The bottom line is with most things, the parents need to be involved with what their children read / view / listen / play. Without that type of involvement, there are more dangerous things out there for unsupervised kids to get into than these four-color mags.

**In full disclosure. I worked part time for over six years at Big Planet Comics. Also, I am a parent of two kids who are comic readers.**

Tell me what kid-friendly shows currently exist on primetime Fox weeknights, and I will gladly cede the point that they have any moral high ground. You can’t? Hmmm…

Again, there are ratings on these comments just like there are ratings on video games, etc. My LCS does actively try to engage younger readers in the more youth-friendly titles, but let’s face it: a ton of my fellow comickers at said LCS are 20s-30s. That’s just a fact of life. This Fox news bimbo here doesn’t know A) the demographic of of comics, B) the accessibility children would likely have in said market and C) the accessibility a child would have at home to TV shows and movies and video games and MUSIC much more explicit and gratuitous than this.

Something else that crossed my mind here, and granted, it is very minor… how do writers like Judd Winick et al feel about being told their work is solely geared to children? You know… Winick… who has written some very adult comics that have some real heavy impact on the reader. I’m banking on the title but the one about the friend who had AIDS. Very poignant. And his run on Exiles.

Alarmists are an annoyance.

Hell, I AM 15 and it’s stll absurd at my school. No one reads comics there unless it’s casually from the library. >:(

There is not a single title in the DC New 52 line that carries a rating lower than T. They are not made for “young readers”, nor are they intended to be read by them. The really scary thing about Fox is that while anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows they are totally full of crap and don’t even know what a fact-checker is, much less use them, there are MILLIONS of people out there dumb enough to bite on every piece of garbage they shovel. Personally, I am 34 years old and have been reading comics since I was 7. I have bought every issue of every new 52 title and will continue to do so. These are great comics and have caused me, for the first time in my life, to be buying more DC than Marvel. Marvel/Disney has been on a steady decline since the purchase (they have KILLED the ultimate line, the art in MANY books makes them unreadable, they are double shipping so many books some of them aren’t even finished, etc.). I was really losing my love for my lifelong hobby until the New 52 came along. As far as I’m concerned, they are saving comics. And yes, guess what, Fox morons? They have (completely non-explicit) sex in them because, drumroll please, PEOPLE HAVE SEX. Maybe you’ve heard of it. I’m pretty sure no one at the network is having it, at least not with another human, but maybe they know what it is. They pull this crap attacking games all the time, it’s so awesome that the DC relaunch is doing so well they feel the need to attack it as well…

Am I nuts if I think this is actually a good sign for comics? The fact that they’re important enough to have a news program complain about them is good news in my eyes.

Aside from the irresponsibility of showing the T+ comics to middle schoolers and asking for their opinion on the more shocking images, the article/piece is actually pretty accurate. At least, I’m assuming this is a transcript of the piece that aired: The gist is that DC made the New 52 racier and darker to try to grab lapsed readers, and no one can deny that that was the intent. Whether the reporter went into the interview with the sensational angle in mind or not, I think we can all admit a rational piece on the New 52 and minutiae on the chronology and creators and various Lanterns and ex-Robins would have likely been unairable, or would keep the reporter covering flower shows or knee-deep in flood waters. A five minute piece on your local news is never going to give the full story on anything. You get what you (don’t) pay for.

They are absolutely right about how depraved and disgusting and filled with gratuitous violence and sex DC comics are since Didio took over. But it’s an unfair criticism because DC comics aren’t for kids and haven’t been for a while. Being disgusting and tacky is now part of their brand, their image, and their fans buy them in spite of that, maybe even because of that. It’s not like DC is targeting kids, they’re targeting a certain type of adult. If they realized that these comics were for adults, and that DC has given up on the kid market a lng time ago, they wouldn’t have made this a story

The gist is that DC made the New 52 racier and darker to try to grab lapsed readers, and no one can deny that that was the intent.

I don’t think that’s true. DC started that about six years ago with Identity Crisis and hasn’t slowed down since. I’m not sure why people keep acting like it’s a road they started down with the new 52.

This FOX segment makes DC look pretty damn cool.
I think it’ll just end up being free publicity for DC.

As said earlier, a Fox News affiliate is not Fox Network news. Regardless of whatever the affiliate says, whoever wrote this headline certainly seemed to want to convey that or have an agenda of their own. Am I surprised? Of course not, it happens all the time, and is expected. Now we can see the countless number of responses that will attack the Fox News Network over this, just for the sake of it.

The majority of comic books have a T rating, and I certainly don’t let my kids read them, or even see the covers. However, many in the general public carry the idea that comic books are for kids, and that often leads to some shock when they actually see a current book. I often see people, who are often in the industry, complain of the lack of kids reading books. There are only a handful of books that are at my local store that are for kids, so they don’t get exposure. The content isn’t there, but I understand the publishers creating books for the audience that is there. It’s a tough cycle to break.

I could certainly do without some of the images used, when they are used plainly for the sake of getting attention. It influences what books I spend my dollars on, as that’s the main way one can make their voice heard.

Yeah! People dressing up in animal themed tights and capes fighting bad guys is for adults! All the people who are fans of super hero comics were adults when they first got into it and that’s how it should be! Wait…

I think this situation is more of a window into how the (super hero) comic book industry is missing a few boats. Yes this piece was pretty sensationalist but it’s not like anyone could point to any other comic books that get as much attention from the Big 2 that’s kid friendly even by late 80s standards. I’m not opposed to more “adult” themes in some of these books but that’s really ALL they’re doing these days. Hell, you have like 10 Batman titles. Why not make 1/3 for kids, 1/3 for tweens/teens like they were when most of you were kids and then the last 1/3 for “adults”? Instead we have the same 10 stories being retold the same way for the last few decades. Just sayin…

But yeah, you can’t grow your hair out and wear all hemp then get mad when you’re called a hippie!

Did somebody just read “Seduction of the Innocent” :p

Mind you, I’m not crazy about this aspect of the New DC (if it’s even a new aspect), but wow, what a tool.

Sex AND violence? So they deal with the PG-13 sex only? Where is the graphic violence from Batman and Robin, the Green Lantern titles, Wonder Woman and Aquaman?

Fox needs to get a clue. Comics and superheroes aren’t little children’s fare anymore and the books are written and rated for a teen audience, something that alot of people seem to miss.

Somebody ought to sue FOX for slander and libel. Or, better yet, maybe it’s time the majority of us walked up to FOX’s front door and confront them over every single hypocrisy of theirs. Just think, the ultimate J’ACCUSE!!!

This isn’t fair. FOX has the most perverted and disgusting content in their shows Family Guy, American Dad and New Girl. Fox claims to be a Christian Republican network and yet they have gross content and they are going to try and misrepresent DC Comics?

I am a comic book geek who was raised on DC Comics and Superman as a child and I’ve been reading the New 52 and I haven’t seen any pornographic content or gore in the comics save for the inappropriate material in the first issue of Catwoman but other than that the New 52 Comics have been clean and I enjoy them as does my younger sister. Of course my sister boycotts the Catwoman comics but I know for a fact that DC Comics isn’t selling sex or porn or R rated violence. The comics are on the same level as a movie like Superman Returns or the TV shows Young Justice and Smallville.

Super Heroes, DC Comics and Marvel are entertainment for children, teens and adults anyway. Is FOX mad?

I am by no means justifying the horrible issues if Red Robin and the Outlaws and Catwoman were offensive DC Comics has taken the New 52 in a direction is cleaner and more PG like ever since the outcry.

ARGH it’s when they say that comics are a genre THAT pisses me off no end! Apart from the fact that they work in the media and should know the difference between a ‘genre’ and a ‘medium’ there’s plenty of genres in the MEDIUM of comics that can be shown or given to kids. There’s actually a fair few in the DC 52 as well and they are all labelled appropriately for their age range!

This basically just smacks of Fox slamming WB because WB are having a modicum of success in a field Fox can barely touch. Arseholes.

I’m with Mike on this, love the new Justice League, been reading Green Latern like crazy, but to save our own industry, we need to have a couple of the major titles be on a PG level, we need to attract those Jr. High students who are Not reading Kick Ass and Watchmen. I remember my first christmas where my mom had put an Uncanny X-Men comic in my stocking and have had a comic addiction ever since, these are the type of good addictions out there. While I know the 80’s And 90’s were not kiddy with thing like the crisis and inferno but they were not just aimed at us old 30 something’s. I think a Jr. Higher would rather get away with reading a DC or Marvel core title then a power puff girls ish.

Of course these news folks have no idea what they are talking about, but that does not mean we deny a bit of the problem.

I plan to read these universes for years to come but if we are not reaching our teens we are all screwed.
I am all about a little Batman on Catwoman action who isn’t but again like said above a couple core 52’s have a better potential than that, and this comes from a fan

I’ll say the same thing I’ve said every time this convo comes up: If you have children and they but a comic and their age doesn’t match the rating, it’s your fault. If you’re a comic shop owner and you allow it, same thing. Don’t blame DC for doing the same thing that every other entertainment genre does. It’s up to us as a society to make sure children aren’t exposed to certain things to early.

Woo Hoo! The New 52 is a success, we’re back in the NEWS!

NEW 52 Titles are AWESOME. Superman have never been so good. ACTION COMICS ROCKS!!!!

I have been reading comics since I was 6 years old. They only gave me enterainment and healthy fun while growing up. They were better than all videogames for me.

When parents fail to give their children enough love, care, and moral support, it’s then they spoil.

New 52 Comics are as healthy as eating pop corns and watching tv with your kids. Moreover most comics are targeted to teens and adults.

You know, for all the people up in arms about this news story, I’m surprised that no one has mentioned that

A) there is a major discrepancy between how DC markets their IPs to kids (cartoons, lunchboxes, etc.) and adults (comics) and how they constantly state that they “can’t make money” on comics for kids (to justify “adult” themes in comics) yet seem to make plenty on the merch for kids

B) mainstream super-hero comics in the seventies and eighties didn’t require decapitations or rapes to sell to both kids and adults

C) the piece isn’t whitewashing COMICS, just the mainstream super-hero DC brand of comics (which is, in fact, a genre)

D) several comics news sites have critisized the new 52 for their apparent flagrant approach to oversexualizing women, be it Starfire or Catwoman or Harley Quinn.

Personally I think that mainstream super-hero comics SHOULD be written for all ages… If you want sex and violence mixed with your spandex, go read “The Boys”…

I have been reading comics since I can remember
My grandfather owned a comic shop. The violence isn’t that bad in these new issues.
The sex scenes aren’t gratuitous. It’s realistic that batman and cat woman are people as
Well as super heroes. If the violence or mild sex scene is in context then there isnt anything
To ruffle anyone’s feathers over. I agree some comics do target a certain type of adult,
And yea maybe some things are just ewww but solution is simple if you don’t like it
Don’t read it and move on. Although without any comics beig made for children the comic
Book market will eventually die if new readers aren’t recruited. The average adult that
May have not ever read a comic is not likely to do so. Many times our love for our hobbies develop
Our younger years. So with all that being said yes comics do need to be made for kids but also for adults who enjoy reading a more mature story line .

Well I think what people miss when they start raving about child friendly is that the numbers of young reader are significantly lower as time progresses. Comics are more niche then ever and as of such they have to focus on how they tell their stories. Its really no different then how tv has progressed.

Shock value fades any writer worth the price of prints knows that. Ultimate line spiderman is a shining example. Pushed the envelope not because they wanted to shock and awe but it is more interesting to have that as a starting point so pros and editorial staff of both Outlaws and Catwomen wouldn’t just take heat for no reason with out some plan.. So I sum this up as false fires because Mario is a mass murder, Mass effect is a dating sim, and comics are evil…

“a drunken bruce wayne” LOL say it ain’t so! Seriously though she makes some good points about advertising versus content in the comics. It’s pretty weird.

Still, after reading her article on the fox news website and watching the video I gotta say …this woman is an embarrassment to journalism.

Brian from Canada

January 20, 2012 at 6:17 am

First: please don’t blame Dr. Wertham. Anyone who’s looked at the comics of the period can tell Wertham was dead on about the celebration of crime and violence, and glorified in anti-communist propaganda. That Batman and Robin had clear homosexual overtones and Wonder Woman had a clear fetish towards bondage are also easily evident — in the same way that Hollywood nods and winks at the homosexual overtones in Spartacus and other epic dramas that were supposedly straight. Moreover, Wertham apologized to the industry that got ravaged instead of given a chance to address these criticisms.

(The ones you need to blame is the Senate committee, which Mad-publisger Gaines accused of being commies themselves.)

As for DC and “kids-friendly” comics, DC has an entire line devoted to that *called* DC Kids. It’s got Cartoon Network characters. The New 52 is aimed at the teen audience, who routinely watched shows like Fox’s Family Guy — a cartoon where the baby wants to kill its mother in gruesome ways and the talking dog humps legs as a regular joke. (That Fox’s new Napoleon Dynamite cartoon is based on a movie that’s not for kids escapes them as well.)

Moreover, I think people have to realize that DC wants to connect its comics with its movies — and no reporter is going to call the Oscar winner a “not for kids” film.

I agree that the story should be done because DC has salacious elements to garner attention. I disagree with the way this was done because it’s done out of fright, not to emphasize how DC is moving towards modern entertainment.

Unless, of course, they are reporters tired of hearing how MARVEL does this.

Its in Washington, DC home of the hypocrats. No matter which matter party is in power. It don’t matter.

Example: Obama says I don’t support SOPA

4 days later FBI shuts down Megaupload a file sharing site which doesn’t focus exclusively on piracy. Some people user it store files online like a data locker.

Brought to you by the same administration that sabotaged Asian car maker Toyota in 2010.

Let freedom ring.

Seriously, all DC is doing is the exact same thing Image did back in the 1990s. Nothing new. Sucks as always, but nothing new. Conservatives are always way behind the times.

Heh, I wonder if DC paid for that broadcast… raising awareness of comics among TV viewers, the majority of whom don’t realize comic books are still in print…

I wager somebody somewhere at Fox News had to drum up a story and grasping at straws that’s what they found… ;) I mean, “Grand Theft Auto” beat that horse to death… er, literally…

@ DianaPrince

President Obama is the best thing that’s happened to this country so you’re just ignorant.

äääääääähhhhhhhhhh! FOX????!!!
You’ve done DC a huge favor! The sales figures rise again… ;)

It’s ok, the people who believe news stories on Fox are not the people who would buy comics anyway.

On one hand you want kids to get “hooked” on your titles at an early age because if they do– they will follow you for decades.

On the other hand, Kids are already a TINY demographic for comics these days. and they are too fickle and tend to no stick around long enough. Video games and the internet are too much competition.
The bread and butter are the adults with money. So cater to the hugher paying demo.

comparing the current Starfire with that stupid cartoon is ridiculous.

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