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Is this logo the new look of DC Comics?

Less than seven years after replacing its long-established “bullet” logo with a 21st-century “swoosh,” DC Comics appears ready to make another change.

Bleeding Cool noticed that just last week the company submitted two versions  of a new logo to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The design, which you can see at right, depicts a D flipping back to reveal a C below; one version includes the words “DC Comics” below, the other “DC Entertainment.”

Although the “flipping” aspect of the logo may not be obvious in its static form, it’s likely designed with animation in mind, for inclusion at the beginning of movies, television shows and video games. How that design might translate to comics remains to be seen.

Comic Book Resources has contacted DC for comment but received no response.

The publisher’s current logo debuted in May 2005 as part of an effort to emphasize the DC brand across all media. Designed by Josh Beatman of Brainchild Studios, the “swoosh” replaced the Milton Glaser-created “bullet” the company had used in one form or another since 1977.



Somebody tug that band-aid all the way off, it offends my OCD the way it’s just flapping there.

Not sure if changing their branding again so soon would be a good idea. I liked the last change as it just seemed like a natural update of the previous one. This logo looks too bland and too corporate for a company that makes comic books about super-heroes IMO.

The word that pops to mind is “dowdy.”

This new logo is a-peeling.

I’m with “Ollywood,” who I think put it perfectly.

That is massively cool.

Bring back the bullet!

OK, I don’t hate this new design — it looks, er, corporate, and I actually like it better than the swoosh.

But seriously, bring back the bullet.

That logo is an abortion

I love it :D

Reminds me of the crap logo GAP debuted, then abandoned two days later.

Corporate and cold. Not a great logo, DC.

It’s too soon for a new logo.

And besides, that new one is pretty bland.

Bring back the bullet! Retro is in.

I say go back to the original DC inside of a blue circle.

It’s a clever design, but I don’t think it fits the personality of the company. IF it’s real.

Looks like the logo of a paper company. Or adhesive factory.

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 13, 2012 at 3:00 pm

DC comics is part of a corporation. So therefore its logo MUST reflect the 21st century!

Jorell: It is real. Whether it’ll be used or how it’ll be used is yet to be determined.

This looks like crap, is DC becoming a copy paper distributor or something? What is wrong with the current logo?

Maybe a tablet cover (iPad?) peeling back to reveal content? Digital focused, not paper focused?

wow, that’s even more horrible then there last horrible redesign. That one looked dated the day it hit, this one, this just looks bland and corporate.

As a graphic designer, this logo makes me want to die. The terrible Gap logo from earlier this year was actually better than this. Ugh. And man, why move so far away from your old logo that there’s literally no effort to maintain brand recognition? At least make it blue, for god’s sake.

Agree with rachel, it just doesn’t look good from a graphic design point of view. As a comic book fan, it just doesn’t look FUN or COMIC BOOK-y enough.

It looks like a logo for an insurance or drug company. Boring!

I wouldn’t just assume it’s DC’s new global corporate logo. It’s just not dynamic enough, and anyone with a lick of business or marketing training would recognize that.

So when this is revealed to be the new header for their legal dept. or a cell phone app icon or something equally inconsequential, just remember me laughing at all you jumping-to-conclusion folks.

Good naturedly, of course.

Behold the unwrapping of DC new toilet seats’ line!

Seriously It looks an awful lot like when you remove the plastic film off a new toilet seat.
Well at least it is in line with the powder detergent logo.

From D.C. to W.C. I guess.

On a serious note I really don’t understand the logic behind the constant change in logo which is something a company is recognized by hence it should just be tweaked regularly like most big corporation do without customers even noticing.

Bring back an updated bullet logo.


Who said anyone in DC Entertainment had a lick of business sense?

Just kidding.

If… IF this turns out to be the new logo, I really hope that adding color improves it somehow. Like others have said, this is just way too corporate. It looks less like the home of Superman and Batman and more like a subsidiary of Dunder Mifflin, Inc.

@Duder: But why would you make your cellphone app icon different from your normal icon? Wouldn’t you want that exactly the same because you want someone to recognize your brand at a glance? Like, I have a Walgreen’s app, and they use their regular curly “W”, not a fancy sleek redesign. Wouldn’t creating a new logo for a cellphone defeat the purpose?

But, yeah, I guess the legal department could roll with it. Judging from their humorless track record, the logo sorta fits.

Sorry. from a design and or aesthetic point of view this logo is a MAJOR FAIL. Stick with what you have until you can come up with something worth showing off and putting on every comic you have DC .Spare yourself the embarrassment.

I guess its ok for a random corporate office type logo, but it doesn’t really make me think of superhero comics.

Besides, I’m rather fond of both the “swoosh” and the “bullet” myself.


1) ugly

2) too soon after last change

3) I haven’t even completely warmed to the current logo, yet

4) too drastic a departure from the current logo

5) looks like it is unveiling the old Comico logo

Thumbs down… looks too “cold” and impersonal. There is no “life” to it.

I quite like it.

This peeling effect was hot at least 2 years ago, it was used all over the place on website graphics for labels or bursts that were peeling back. I hope they didn’t pay too much for what is basically a rehashed effect that looks no better than clip art.

Personally feel that it looks generic. :-l

It looks like it’s sucking the fun out of my brain. No way, jose!

Looks like a condom being unwrapped. :-)

Frankly, it feels a bit pretentious. What was so wrong with the swoosh that it suddenly needs replacing?


January 13, 2012 at 4:55 pm

I think it’s awful. As others have said, it’s not dynamic enough. It looks like the logo for a stationery company, not a comic book publisher. I suppose the folded back “D” is supposed to represent a comic book page being flipped but it looks more like a bandage being removed or peeling wallpaper. The letters “D” and “C” in the logo are not readily apparent. The text at the bottom is imbalanced. The words don’t look good when stacked vertically and flush left because “DC” is much shorter than “Comics” or “Entertainment”. The typeface used for the bottom text is nondescript.

It’s alarming that someone got paid to come up with that excuse for a logo that says neither “Comic Books” or “Entertainment”, let alone anything in the ballpark of good design.

If they feel a need to change the current logo, a version of the classic old skool design would be better than this.

It’s ironically sterile, considering it looks like a side-ways cock-head and foreskin.

I don’t like it, unless it’s used for app’s. I can’t see it in front of a movie like “The Dark Knight Rises” or “Man Of Steel”. Honestly I think it looks better for DC Shoes instead.

It looks like it should be the logo of GlobalChem

PitPat: “Take it from me – I love you!”

I don’t think they need to change it. I like the current one with different colors for each family of books

In the immortal words of J. Jonah Jameson …. “Crap! Crap! More Crap!”

Wouldn’t this have worked better, being launched in September for the relaunch? Not January/February 5/6 months later?

This new logo is a-peeling.


Hahaha! That is hilarious. :D

Nice Photoshop curl filter circa 1998. Chip Kidd and Todd Klein were obviously not consulted.

I don’t really like this one either. It’s just not fun enough to be a comic book logo. ^^

Guys, this news was brought to us by bleeding cool. Bleeding cool is to a legitimate comic book news source, what “The Onion” is to a real real news source.

They’re from applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which is a pretty trustworthy source. It doesn’t necessarily mean DC will go ahead and use the logo, but it’s legitimate.

Surely if they wanted to change their logo then the time to do this was when they relaunched everything in September?

Then again they haven’t exactly let logic get in their way so far so why start now.

That said: If this is a new DC logo I gotta say it doesn’t excite or impress me all that much. I’m more impressed that they were able to use Microsoft Word to create it though.

Has it occurred to anyone that, as depicted, it is neither a D nor a C?

It might have life as a watermark, but that’s about it.

This is one of, if not the, worst logos I’ve ever seen. Much less for any kind of entertainment company. It’s just bad design in general. I hope they’re kidding.

Seriously. Yuck.

oh my god. TERRIBLE. Make it go away Please.

I see no proof yet that this is an actual logo change. Maybe we should wait and see before we crucify the company and declare a boycott on all of their comics? Maybe? Just maybe we get a little more information first? Of maybe folks are still busy with their last boycott of the company.

anthem of battle

January 13, 2012 at 9:20 pm

Sickeningly corporate.

The updated DC logo was fantastic. This is bite-the-inside-of-your-mouth awful. Hopefully, it’s not really real.

This doesn’t scream like “look we are doing fun super-hero comics!” Especially the grey, at least change the grey for blue or something.

I like the current logo. This new one just doesn’t work, at least not without some color. I get that it’s supposed to be a comic book falling open but it literally looks limp. Not a good image for a company pumping out superheroes for a mostly male audience.

That is a VERY COOL logo…. however… it doesnt fit the comicbook feel of the DCU… it feels more like a software logo OR some sort of paper compnay.

best to stick with the current “swoosh”

It’s nice, but not very reflective of comic books, more like a software developer.

Another bad and unnecessary decision.

Don’t like it, but whatever.

The time to change their logo would have been when the New 52 launched.

That logo looks like it should belong to a paper company… like Dunder Mifflin.

To all the Graphic Designers saying it’s bad from an aesthetic standpoint, can you explain a bit more on why?

I’ve read enough articles on bad logo redesign but all they talk about are either 1) people’s reactions, 2) comparisons 3) other Graphic Designers saying it’s bad.

Setting aside any questions about whether the design is dated or whether the logo accurately reflects the identity of a company whose primary business is superheroes (stories, toys, etc.), I think the problem is that the “peel” effect seldom works as a static image. Animated, maybe with a slick sound effect, at the beginning of a movie, television show or video game, with the “D” actually pulling back to reveal the “C”? Okay, sure. But as a set image? I’m not sure that, without already knowing what company the logo is intended to represent (or without “DC Comics” spelled out below), too many people would quickly and easily recognize the peel as a “D” — and then piece together “D-C” … “DC Comics.”

One word: Loathesome

Then again I like the Swoosh

There’s an unwritten rule that says a good logo can be drawn with only two tones, no animation, no gradients. This logo is very much dependent on gradients. Without all those gradients, it won’t look like anything is peeling over anything.

Of course, this rule dates back to fax machines and complex color separation at the printers. In the digital, 4-color process era, maybe we’ve finally reached the point where we can drop the two-tone rule.

Although a lot of companies still use fax machines, and this logo won’t translate on one.

This logo is boring and ugly. The perfect way to attract new readers!

not sure what to think of this, so I’ll just won’t care
I’m in it for the stories, not the logo


Just when i was OK with the new logo, this comes up? this one is really BORING

Horrendous !!!! I can’t tell what is peeling upward to reveal the C. Does n’t even look like a “D”.

I prefer the “bullet” design much more. I don’t think its as eye catching or as slick. DC’s logo have always been a step forward and change with the times. It looks like a logo for a unknown engineering company rather than an entertainment company.

Wow that’s really Fing Ugly

Hey, it’s the “C” from the Comico logo. I wondered where it had been hiding.

I agree with most everyone here. It’s a dated, industrial logo.

Makes me think of DC shoes.

Neftali Centeno

January 14, 2012 at 5:44 pm

I don’t like it. Sorry…

Neftali Centeno

January 14, 2012 at 5:46 pm

Intact….it’s horrible.

That “peeling away” design seems like it would be far more appropriate for a company that was selling band-aids or adhesive tape. It does not suggest comics at all.

LOGO FAIL!! This says nothing about the company, what it does, or describes anything remotely super heroic. it’s an abortion of a corporate ID and anyone involved should be strung up and tortured on a rack!! are you kidding me?? This is terrible– LAME doesn’t even come close to how bad this is. I’m getting sick to my stomach and am going to puke up a foul bile all over my stack of NEW 52 issues!!–If I had a pencil I would stab my eyes out just so I wouldn’t have to look at this again. Wait— I have a wacom pen–AAARRGHH! I did it–I stabbed my eyes out–ahh now I can sleep!

Frank Forte

Two thumbs down. What words this logo evokes in my mind? Bland, generic, boring, cold and corporate paper.

The hole in the D is missing. So how exactly is this a D and a C? It looks like a band-aid being peeled off a C. Terrible!

That’s the second crappy logo redesign I’ve seen this week. Seriously, I could create that in Illustrator in 2 minutes. WTF?

Is this for a new line of Trade Journals and Technical Manuals? It just screams “ADVENTURE AND EXCITEMENT!”, don’t it?

It’s just not as terrible as some are saying other than it actually saying “DC Comics underneath which I think is odd because (a) it’s redundant since the logo itself is DC and (b) the text just doesn’t mesh”.

Good job interns!

While I like both the bullet and the swoosh this one does have an interesting concept if animated. For instance the tear away folds back slowly with a fade in of the title and then the fold rips away into a close up of the C that integrates into the back ground fade in and then zooms out. Now other then business cards in the static print in comics and apparel it would be horrible I would never rock a hat with that as the front insignia.

First they abandoned a logo by one of the most legendary logo designers in history, then they replace it with one that looks like a fast food logo (tilted with a swirl), now they’re going with one that looks like it was done by a first year design student in 1995. Yeesh. I hope this doesn’t happen. I have a degree in graphic design and this is just awful.

See what happens when you use 99Designs for your redesign?

You know, the Umbrella Corporation’s logo is more fun then this…

But seriously there is nothing fun nor iconic about this logo. It doesn’t suck but it doesn’t scream “HEY KIDS! COMICS!”.

Uglier than the most recent one. They should go back to the bullet.


There’s nothing wrong with the current logo!

If the corporate heads need to find something to do to justify their paychecks, why not expand the genres beyond superhero’s, (like DC did in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s ), and consequently broaden the readership.

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