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It’s Conan vs. Groo in the oddest crossover ever

Conan the Barbarian meets his dumber alter ego in April when Dark Horse presents a four-issue Conan/Groo the Wanderer crossover. While Conan is clearly the brainier of the two mighty warriors, Groo creators Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier are scripting the comic, so Groo will have the home-team advantage. Thomas Yeates is handling the art and Tom Luth the colors. Yeates has penciled other Conan comics as well as Dark Horse’s adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Outlaw Prince.

While April 1 would be a logical release date for a book like this, the chances are that no one would believe it, so it’s due out on April 18.



I sure like the idea of this and am going to grab a copy, but the oddest crossover it ain’t.
That’s still “Superman/Bugs Bunny”, published back in 2000. Written by Evanier, too.

ARCHIE meets The Punisher, surely?

Oddest crossover ever? Odder than Looney Tunes/DC Universe?

“Did I err?”


Matthew J. Brady

January 16, 2012 at 10:29 am

From what I understand, Tom Yeates is just drawing Conan himself, while Sergio Aragones will be drawing everything else. As a huge Groo fan, I’m pretty excited to see this finally happen!

Oddest crossover ever, huh? Yeah, like said above, “Archie vs.” anyone automatically takes the cake.

And Archie vs. Punisher is a stone cold classic.

this has been years in the hoping, and I’m glad it’s coming out. Not a Conan fan, but love Groo.
Aragonés has been on such a hot work streak the past year or so; so much great new work.

IMHO, this might just edge out the Archie/Punisher crossover for weirdest one, but I can’t pinpoint why I feel that way.

Personally I’d love to see a “Betty and Veronica/ The Boys” crossover.

lol…I’d put Superman meets the Quick Bunny to be pretty odd.

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