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Kesel and Grummett’s Section Zero returns as a webcomic

Section Zero

Karl Kesel, the Eisner Award-winning inker who also has written comics like Fantastic Four and Harley Quinn, teamed up with Tom Grummett more than 10 years ago to create a six-issue miniseries called Section Zero for the short-lived Gorilla Comics imprint. Although the imprint wasn’t around long, several of the books, like Mark Waid and Barry Kitson’s Empire and Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo’s Tellos, found life after Gorilla.

Section Zero, however, wasn’t finished and hasn’t been seen since–or at least not until this week. Kesel, who has a webcomics site called Mad Genius Comics, has started posting pages from the comic. Kesel and Grummett plan to finish the story, as he details in a post on the site:

So here’s what we’re gonna do: Tom and I are working on new Section Zero material now, squeezing it in around our day jobs. At the same time we’ll be posting all the previously published storyline— starting with today’s 5-Page Prologue, followed by 3 pages every Thursday. By the time all that’s posted, we’ll have a ton of new stuff ready. If you haven’t read these comics before, this is your chance. If you’ve already read them you’ll still want to check in because A) Richard Starkings, First Tiger at Comicraft, has insanely and wonderfully insisted on “freshening” the lettering for the book, so the pages have a slightly different look to them, and B) since re-lettering was being done anyway, I’m tweaking the script here and there. The changes aren’t major, just important. For instance: the Prologue originally ended with Kyoti musing about the upcoming 2000 US Presidential election. Considering how that election played out, I really wanted to make his comment a bit more pointed. Things like that.

I read the original miniseries and I think I even have a copy of the first issue signed by Grummett; it’s been awhile, but I remember it was a fun series. So it’ll be nice to get to see the conclusion.

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Oddly enough, Empire and Tellos were the only two Gorilla books I picked up back in the day (though in the case of Tellos, I was already reading it before they moved it to Gorilla). Empire was amazing, and I was very glad that DC picked it up later on to tell the full story.

I wish I could remember whether Section Zero was one of the books I picked up later on, when I decided to track down Shockrockets. I went through a phase where I picked up more comics than I had time to read, and then I moved, and a lot of them ended up in storage, and then I moved again. Looks like now’s my chance to pick it up!

Cool, I bought that, so I’ll be checking it out. Now if Pirates of Coney Island and All-Star B&R and Sojourn can get finished…

I remember picking up the 3 issues that were published. And I quite liked it. Although I don’t remember a prologue. Where was that printed?

And by the by – Empire was an amazing read!! :)

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