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Paul Tobin’s new superhero book is a novel

Paul Tobin

Paul Tobin (Marvel Adventures, Gingerbread Girlannounced yesterday that his first novel, Prepare to Die will be published this summer (June 5 is the current target date) by Night Shade Books. Appropriately, it’s a superhero story.

Tobin describes the book as being about a hero named Reaver who during a battle receives the traditional villains’ imperative: “Prepare to Die!” When Reaver surprisingly accepts his fate and asks for time to prepare, his arch-nemesis grants it. The novel explores Reaver’s trip to his hometown where he attempts to make peace with the past, but also finds a new reason to want to see the future.

Though he makes clear that he’s not leaving comics, Tobin states that he expects the novel to be the first of many, though not necessarily all about the same characters. The attraction of novels for him is to “delve into characters on a level that would take fifty comic book issues to explore.”

Stayed tuned to Tobin’s website for more details, including sample chapters.



Villain: I’m going to kill you! Hero: Hmmm, okay. Give me a few days to tell my friends and family about it? Villain: Sure thing. First Monday of next month at 5pm? Hero: Yeah, yeah that’s good.

I hope the summary is wildly inaccurate… Otherwise it sounds REALLY BAD.

“I really liked Spike Lee’s 25th hour. What if Norton was a superhero who is apparently so tired of living he just accepts his own murder instead?”

“That’s Gold Jerry! Gold!”

I might be worried about another author, but I trust Tobin to do this right. I imagine there’s something he’s not telling us in that description.

I’m blaming the summarizee more than Tobin.

Cole Moore Odell

January 26, 2012 at 11:34 am

I think Michael might (versus Michael May) be missing the point. It sounds like the premise–or at least the starting point for the book–is based on overturning an absurd supervillain cliche. So of course there’s an element of the absurd about it.

Aside from which, I can totally see the Mandarin giving Tony Stark a couple of days to get his life in order.

And you can see Tony Stark logically saying “Okay fuck it. Kill me on Tuesday but let me say goodbye to Gramma first”? If that’s good writing, count me out.

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