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Pre-registration opens for Comic-Con International

Comic-Con International has opened pre-registration for those hoping to attend the July 12-15 convention. That’s right, pre-registration.

Seeking to ease the online process for purchasing badges, organizers this year are requiring prospective attendees to sign up for a free Comic-Con Member ID that they will use to log into the system once registration actually opens.

Having a Member ID doesn’t ensure your entry into Comic-Con; anyone with a valid and unique email address can get one. However, everyone — attendee, volunteer, professional or press — who intends to purchase or apply for a convention badge must first have a Member ID.

More information can be found on the Comic-Con website. You can sign up for a Member ID here; the video below will walk you through the process.


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Maybe pre-registration isn’t the best term to use here. Usually, it’s used to mean that you register for your tickets ahead of an event as opposed to at the event. (Though I suppose when there’s no onsite registration, the difference is moot.) I saw this headline on Twitter and freaked out — shouldn’t there have been some warning? They only launched the member ID system yesterday!

This is more like pre-pre-registration.

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